Late Night Fights 5: Rare Tito Ortiz Amateur Bare Knuckle/Pancrase Style Fight; Tito vs Wanderlei


Backround: Today we have a doubleheaded treat for you. The best of Tito Ortiz. Many people have slept on the longtime LHW champ because of his recent slide.  Let us not forget Tito Ortiz was a bad dude. Here tonight we have his original amatuer fight. This is NOT the rematch of him and Jeremy Screeton that happened in 1998. Along with the amateur fight we have the bout with Wanderlei Silva where Tito wins his very first title fight. Enjoy!


P.S. MMA fights in a high school gym, how bitchin is that? Wish i went there


Tito Ortiz 0-0 (AMATEUR)

Jeremy Screeton 0-0 (AMATEUR)



Rare Tito Ortiz Pancrase style Match by Knife


If i told you Wanderlei Silva scored a knockdown on Tito Ortiz during their title fight, you wouldnt be stunned. If i told you Tito Ortiz scored a knockdown on Wanderlei Silva you would say "Pics or GTFO". Will a video do?


Tito Ortiz 4-2

NW: Guy Mezger, Jerry Bohlander

NL: Frank Shamrock, Guy Mezger


Wanderlei Silva 11-2

NW: Eugene Jackson, Mike Van Arsdale

NL: Vitor Belfort






UFC Middleweight championship: Wanderlei Silva v. Tito Ortiz

The title was of course vacated by Frank Shamrock after he decided that being rich and undefeated just wasn’t challenging enough for him. I bet the diamonds in the soles of his shoes were giving him blisters too. Tito gets the first takedown and works from the top, as he would be wise not to get into a standing battle with Silva. Tito works some good ground and pound, but nothing’s going on until the round expires. 10-9 for Tito.

Second round and Silva tries the takedown this time, and Tito NAILS him with a right on the way in and then gets top control again. Tito gets a good try at passing the guard, but Silva hangs on and Tito keeps up the ground and pound until the round expires. Another 10-9 for Tito.

Third round and now we’re getting somewhere, as Silva unleashes a flurry of punches and stuns Tito. This gives us a classic Tito moment where he runs away from Silva in terror, but a takedown gets it to the ground again where Ortiz wants it. He basically holds Silva on the ground for the remainder of the round. 10-9 for Silva this time.

Fourth round and Silva is just stalking Tito now, but Ortiz doesn’t look like he wants to engage. Can’t say I blame him. Sure enough, Tito makes the first move with a takedown and Jeff Blatnick notes “their styles have become very conservative”. That’s a very diplomatic way to put it. More hugging on the ground and you have to give it to Tito 10-9 by default more than anything else.

Final round and Silva needs a finish now. Nope, Tito catches him with another takedown and this time gets side mount and hangs on for all he’s worth. He has to know he’s winning at this point. And after controlling the round, it’s 10-9 for Tito and he wins the Middleweight title in rather un-Tito-like fashion. The t-shirt reads “I Killed the Axe Murderer”. Killed him with boredom judging by this fight.


Thank you for the Tito-Wandy PbP. Well there you have it folks! 

Join us Wednesday on Late Night fights for two lighter weight fighters with notoriously rock solid chins KTFO or be KTFO'd. Oh and a Jon Fitch Finish =D

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