Late Night Fights 4: Wanderlei Silva's MMA Debut *MUST SEE*

So i was trying to decide between Chris Haseman v Fedor and Nick Diaz v Jeremy Jackson 1; then i came among this beauty. If there was ever a chance to make the Bloody Wraps Fanpost of the Day, this is it. Great Fight. The part where Wanderlei gets kneed straight out of the ring and gets right back to work; insane. Enjoy!

Backround: 1996. The UFC is just three years old and UFC 11 is the last event in the books. Mark "The Hammer" Coleman won the tournament with Scott Ferozzo bowing out due to injury. Over in Japan; Bas Rutten has recently tapped out Manabu Yamada with a toe hold to gain his 13th consecutive victory. In Brazil however, a star is born. Brazilian Vale Tudo 6: Campeonato Brasileiro de Vale Tudo 1; an event that included Jose "Pele" Landi-Jons, Jorge Patino, Wander Braga and a total of 24 fights. At this event Wanderlei Silva makes his MMA debut. In 24 total fights there were (as illustrated below) 23 finishes. Dilson Filho comes in sporting a 0-1 record having fought at Circutito de Luta 1 in Ibirapuera Gymnasium, Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1995.



Wanderlei Silva 0-0


Dilson Filho 0-1

L: Roberto Godoi

Wanderlei Silva Vs Dilson Filho 11/1/1996 (via johnnyblazedatjoint)

Fighters ready, Filho in a funny looking stance. Fight starts and right away Filho lifts up Da Silva and SLAMS him to the canvas. Side control now and momentary North-South. Da Silva with nice elbows from the bottom. Filho looking to land some knees and he knees Da Silva straight out of the ring, Damn. Wanderlei reenters and were back. Da Silva with a left, Filho with a right. Dilson got the better of that exchange. Big punches by both men and a knee by Wanderlei. Dilson uses a throw and takes down Da Silva and he quickly moves to mount. Filho landing big ground and pound now but Wanderlei is able to regain half guard. Da Silva is able to atand up and throws a nice uppercut that connects. Big right hand by Da Silva and Filho looks to clinch, Filho with a big right hand of his own. Both men look gassed at this point. Right hand by Da Silva and Filho responds with a knee to the midsection. Nice headbutt, now a knee by Da Silva. BIG elbow by Wanderlei and Dilson Filho is hurt. "The Ax Murderer" lands a flush knee on the way down and the ref stops the fight.


Tito Ortiz fighting outside the UFC in a rarely seen video.

Next time on LNF: Tito Ortiz Bare Knuckle Fight

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