UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields Conference Call Part Two Live Updates

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Join Bloody Elbow at 2 p.m. ET for updates from the second conference call for UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields. Scheduled to participate on the call are UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, challenger Jake Shields, and UFC President Dana White. 

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The UFC has featured GSP and Shields in the latest edition of UFC Primetime, following each fighter's training camp leading up to their championship bout on April 30th. 

On Tuesday, we heard from UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, challenger Mark Hominick, UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture, and former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida. Couture, who leaked word to Josh Gross earlier in the day, reiterated his decision to retire, win or lose, following the event.

UFC 129 takes place on April 30th at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada, at the new start time 9 p.m. ET. The entire card will be aired between the pay-per-view and Spike TV broadcasts and prelims streamed on Facebook.


Georges St. Pierre

-It's the same rules, the same Octagon. I'm fighting the best regardless.
-Pressure is always there. Where I am, I realize the pressure is always getting bigger.
-If I fought Jake in a basement with no one watching, maybe the pressure isn't there. That said, I perform better under pressure.
-Media commitments are always a distraction. I'm not going to lie, doing this is the worst part.
-Jake is a true champion. I think someone who trash talks lacks confidence. Jake doesn't need to talk trash.
-I believed before my professional career that I could be a champion, best ever.
-If I fought at 185 lb. it would be a complete reorientation of my career. What ruined Roy Jones career was trying to move back down.
-Whenever everyone thought he would lose to Robbie Lawler, I knew Jake would win. Same thing with Dan Henderson.
-If we put Jake against any of the contenders I've fought, Jake would win.
-I'm around 185 right now.
-There was a lot of things in the Fitch, Alves, Hardy fights that were 'beautiful.'
-I'm fighting for my fans - Canadian, American, Brazilian, Asian. All of them.

Jake Shields

-They (Nick, Gilbert, etc.) are all around my weight, all skilled.
-I'll have 20 guys coming with me into hostile territory.
-I weighed 182 this morning. This should be an easy cut for me. I made a huge mistake last fight. Learned from it.
-I want to test myself against the best, and GSP is the best.
-The UFC has me doing an insane amount of interviews. I'm waking up at 4 a.m. to do interviews. Seems ridiculous.
-I've taken wrestling and jiu-jitsu and infused them. I don't think there's anyone out there that can do what I do. Same for GSP.
-I mentally refuse to lose. My grappling is a different level than Fitch, Koscheck, Penn, etc.
-GSP has very few holes in his game, and those holes are small.
-I didn't think to much of GSP training with Roger Gracie and Braulio Estima. It's smart of him.
-I'd love to fight Anderson Silva, but I always wanted to fight GSP. In my mind, he's the best fighter right now.
-I fought in front of Robbie Lawler's hometown, but it wasn't too bad.


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