UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields Conference Call Live Updates

Photo by Dave Mandel of Sherdog.

Join Bloody Elbow for live updates from today's UFC 129 conference call scheduled at 2 p.m. ET. Participating on the call today are featherweight champion Jose Aldo, challenger Mark Hominick, UFC legend Randy Couture, and former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida. Tom Wright, the UFC's Director of Canadian Operations, will also be on the line.

A second call is scheduled for Thursday at 2 p.m. ET featuring welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, challenger Jake Shields, and UFC President Dana White.

[UPDATES] via @Mike_Fagan_13:

Jose Aldo: In my mind, this is just another fight. This is my job. Training camp went great.
- Aldo: There's no frustration because I knew I was in the UFC, fighting soon.
- Aldo: C5-C6 bothering him in his neck. Right shoulder bothering him from Mike Brown fight. Shoulder felt stress against Faber, Gamburyan.
- Aldo: No surgery, just rehab.
Mark Hominick: My life's flipped upside down with this fight. I've been in the fight game for 10 years. I feel like an overnight success.
- Hominick: People are intimidated when they step in with Jose. I'm going to come in and step forward against him.
- Hominick: How can you prepare for something you haven't seen before? (Re: fighting in Rogers Centre)
- Hominick: I'm excited for the fans. Every time you get the lighter guys, you're getting a great fight.
Randy Couture: Nothing changed. It's been an on-going transition for me. I want to go out on my own terms. I think that time has come.
- Couture: I've thought about it the last couple camps, and I made the decision this time.
- Couture: (biggest UFC show ever) played no factor in my decision, but being a part of a show of this magnitude is fun.
- Couture: The UFC offered me a couple of other guys, and I turned them down. Lyoto has such a unique style. That's intriguing to me.
- Couture: Representing mixed martial arts against Toney was an honor to me.
- Couture: It's been an interesting camp; I've had to learn some new things. Been fun studying Machida, trying to figure out what will work.
- Couture: I still have the health, ability to compete at this level. I don't want to get to the point where I don't. Go out on my terms.
- Couture: I want to be healthy and enjoy the rest of my life.
- Couture: I'm sure the UFC will have ideas for fights, try to entice me to come back. I see myself being with Zuffa in some other way.
- Couture: Lots to do politically with New York state. I also enjoyed commentating in the booth.
- Couture: I'm sure the crowd will be powerful, blow the roof off the place. I expect an amazing experience.
- Couture: It's about the journey. I just want to put on a good performance.
- Couture: Someone asked me about retirement, and I answered honestly. Once the cat's out of the bag...
- Couture: Expendables 2 shooting starts Aug. 22nd. (Another movie) called Hijack. Starts in May.
Lyoto Machida: If I could have done to Rampage in third round in the second round, it would have been a different fight.
- Machida: I came back from my first KO loss, and Quinton has a lot of power. I didn't want to take a lot of risks early on.
- Machida: Every fight is different, but pressure always exists whether it's defending a title or facing 3 straight losses.
- Machida: it's an honor to fight Couture and out of respect he wants to give his best to him that night.
- Machida: Whether you're winning or losing, you have to constantly evolve.
- Machida: The pressure still exists, just in a different form. After a loss or two, fans start to humanize you.

Conference call over/under contest after the jump.


Conference call over/under contest:

Questions asked to Mark Hominick: 3.5
Questions about Couture's retirement: 5.5
Questions to Tom Wright: 3.5
Times "legend" is used: 2.5
Mentions of Jon Jones: 2.5
Times Couture refers to Machida as "challenge," "puzzle," or "riddle": 3.5
Times Dave Meltzer's name is called: 1.5
Questions asked by Mike Fagan: 0.5
Questions asked by Franklin McNeil: 2.5
Fagan freakouts on Twitter: 10.5

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