Late Night Fights 1 (Video & Play by Play) : Spider Silva v Yushin Okami 1






Anderson Silva: 14-3

Notable Wins: Lee Murray, Jorge Rivera, Hayato Sakurai, Jeremy Horn, Carlos Newton

Notable Accomplishments: Ranked #1 in the world at 170 after upsetting Hayato Sakurai






Yushin Okami: 13-2

Notable Wins: Brian Foster, Nick Thompson, Hidehiko Hasegawa

Notable Accomplishments: Asian Welterweight Champ (broadcaster mentions promotion)



Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami Rumble on the Rock (via knuklo)




Silva takes the centre of the cage, hits Okami with a left leg kick. Silva circling, dancing around before nailing another hard low kick. Okami shoots, Silva stuffs easily. Okami looks to clinch and use uppercuts in close to no avail. More dancing from Silva. Okami shoots, Silva sprawls and Yushin lays on his back. Silva with hard kicks to Okami's legs while Okami is on the ground. After three or four kicks the ref stands them up. Anderson's footwork has so far been able to keep himself out of harms way while putting Okami in bad positions defensively. "The Spider" unloads with a combo that sees a right hand land, nice high kick and Okami with a weak shot that Silva easily stuffs. Silva with a single kick to downed Okami's leg and ref is quick to let Yushin up this time. Silva taunting Okami. Okami rushes in and pushes Silva to the fence, looks  for a double leg but Silva spins away and they return to the center of the cage. Okami goes for a single leg, Anderson looks for a switch but his leg wasnt in positon to pull it off. Okami completes the takedown into Silva's guard. Silva immediately looks for a triangle, Okami defends and Silva transitons into Spider-Guard. Okami postures up and Silva nails a hard upkick to 'Thunders' chest. Okami now in Silva's full guard,  misses with some G'n'P and after a few seconds lands a few shots. Silva not respecting Yushins offensive ground game, hands arent protecting his face. Silva lands a HUGE upkick right to Okami's jaw and referee Troy Mandaloniz pulls Silva away. What a finish and now Silva is making very colorful motions to Mandaloniz. Anderson "The Spider" Silva very impressive tonight and he will face with winner of Jake Shields and Dave Menne who fight next.


Spider Silva was obviously the superior in the stand up game, what was so suprising is that ease in which he handled Okami's takedowns. Yushin only went 1-5 on takedowns and really did no damage on top. Upkicks like that should be legal, Silva said he was not properly explained the rules prior to the tournament and didnt feel he should have been DQ'ed.


Wednesday's Fight: Lyoto Machida vs Rich Franklin

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