What's really holding MMA back other than racial/homophobic slurs? (video and hilarity ahead)

So after reading the countless stories about the various reasons why MMA has a far, far path from becoming an accepted and credited major sport (ex. Dana White, Homophobic slurs) I thought the following video would be a great extension to all this talk. 

Now, it's a Dr. Phil episode a friend posted on my Facebook Wall, and it gives the details on a misguided teen who is training "UFC" (not MMA, if you were following) by allowing friends and family to repeatedly punch him in the face.

Watch here: Link

I'll let it sink in... 

This is on a regular and quite popular talk show that has many followers and influences a lot of people. I'm not saying homophobia and those kind of issues aren't stopping MMA from becoming much more than a sport with a cult following, but I would argue these kind of issues are just as bad if not worse. 

Look at that kid? look at his parents? Hillbilly. No doubt about it. His padwork, knowledge, and relation to MMA is extremely weak. But these are the kind of main headlines people see on cable television when Mixed Martial Arts is mentioned. Either that, or some poor kid getting seriously injured by practicing "moves or techniques." It's rare I see uplifting stories such as Court Mcgee, or Lyle Beerbohm mentioned anywhere. 

There needs to be more information and overall dedication to MMA when it comes to these kind of programs. The strategy for MMA promotions shouldn't be to compete to kill off the others. There should be more of a uniform push to give clear, concise and realistic information about the sport and how these sort of things (letting friends and family punch you) doesn't do shit but confirm you're mom is probably your dads cousin, if not sister. 

Now I know most people who read this will have their own favorite parts of this funny but... dumb video, but I particularly enjoy how everyone calls it "training UFC" and not Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Boxing etc. The mothers both call it that, Dr. Phil, and the doctor at the end. 

Let me know what you all think, your favorite parts, and well basically how you feel about the only major stories about MMA being this kind of stuff?

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