UFC/Srikeforce Unification: The Winners

In the aftermath of the latest Srikeforce card, interest is higher than ever in seeing the Strikeforce champions fight the UFC champions, mainly due to dominant performances by Nick Diaz and Gilbert Melendez.  So, in my fantasy, Strikeforce immediately folds into the UFC, and we have a "Ultimate Strikefighting Championship Unification" card.  Following, we have my predictions as to who would get to keep their straps.  Just to keep things simple, I'm only talking about the current champions, meaning Gray Maynard and the like gets left out for now.

Disclaimer:  I'm neither a UFC fanboy or a Strikeforce mark.  I call 'em like I see 'em.  Also, I was too poor to afford Showtime until recently, so I'm not as familiar with some of the SF fighters as I should be.

After the jump, I break down who I think would win those, and ask your opinions.

We'll start with the heavies: Ubereem vs. Cain.  First, I'll admit that I'm not as familiar with Overeem as I should be.  Based mostly on his reputation and a glance at his fight history, I give him an edge on the feet, despite Cain's power.  If Overeem can strike instead of brawl and not be on his ass the whole time, he takes it.

UFC - 0   SF - 1

Next, LWH.  Jon Jones.  The end.

UFC - 1   SF - 1

Middleweight:  Silva vs. Jacare.  This one is interesting to me, and the fight would hinge on Jacare's ability to close and get Anderson to the ground.  Silva is no slouch on the ground, but his BJJ doesn't have the same wizardry that Jacare's does, or that Anderson's standup does, for that matter.  Still, I think Silva can take all comers (including GSP), at least for 2-3 more years.

UFC - 2   SF - 1

Welterweight:  Nick Diaz vs GSP.  Nick Diaz is a tough, tough son of a bitch, but he's weak to wrestlers and GSP excels at wrestling, in addition to being perhaps the most finely tuned athlete on the planet.  GSP takes this.

UFC - 3   SF - 1

Lightweight:  Frankie Edgar vs. Gilbert Melendez.  Jesus Christ, this would be a hell of a fight.  Again, I'm limited by a lack of familiarity with Melendez, but from what I saw against Kawajiri, he has every bit the speed of Edgar, but with more power, enough to put him away.  Edgar could win it by drawing it into later rounds as he's the reincarnation of the Energizer Bunny, but I have to take Melendez here.

UFC - 3   SF - 2


There you have it, my predictions for my fantasy card.  Now it's your turn to chime in.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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