IBJJF Pan 2011 Results/Photos/Videos

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The competition this year went down as most predicted, a few surprises and some amazing matches but for now it looks like the top players in each weight class will keep the up and comers working hard for future glory.

The biggest stories coming out of the competition this year will be Rodolfo Viera's masterful dominating performances and Caio Terra's controversial statements about wanting the IBJJF to start testing its athletes for performance enhancers after his victory over a tough Bruno Malfacine. 

Below are the full results for the Black Belt adult divisions:


FIRST Rafael Freitas Gracie Barra

SECOND Felipe Costa Brasa

THIRD Joseph Capizzi Renzo Gracie

THIRD Brandon Mullins Gracie Barra


FIRST Caio Terra Gracie Fighter

SECOND Bruno da Silva Malfacine Alliance

THIRD Daniel Beleza SAS Team

THIRD Wellington Leal Dias Gracie Humaita


FIRST Bruno Frazzatto Barbosa Atos Jiu-Jitsu

SECOND Rafael Mendes Godoy Atos Jiu-Jitsu

THIRD Eduardo Ramos Atos JJ

THIRD Guilherme Mendes Atos JJ


FIRST Lucas Alves Lepri Alliance

SECOND Michael Langhi Alliance

THIRD Augusto Lopes Mendes Soul Fighters

THIRD Jonathan Torres Lloyd Irvin M.A Academy


FIRST Claudio Calasans Junior Atos JJ

SECOND Lucas Joao Gomes Leite Checkmat BJJ

THIRD Clark Gracie BJJ Revolution Team

THIRD Gilbert Burns Atos JJ


FIRST Andre Galvao Atos JJ

SECOND Eduardo Santoro de Camargo Cia Paulista

THIRD Otavio de Souza Gracie Barra

THIRD Diego Gamonal Brazilian Top Team


FIRST Rodolfo Vieira GF Team

SECOND Bernardo Augusto Rocha Faria Alliance

THIRD Roberto Camargo de Alencar Gracie Barra

THIRD Diego Herzog Ralph Gracie


FIRST Marcus Vinicius O. Almeida Checkmat BJJ

SECOND Bruno Bastos Nova União

THIRD Filippi Soto Matos Barbosa JJ

THIRD Alberto Silva Ryan Gracie


FIRST Antonio Braga Texeira Neto AB MMA

SECOND Antonio Carlos A. Peinado Alliance

THIRD Luiz Felipe Theodoro Godoi Jiu-Jitsu

THIRD Gabriel Vella Ryan Gracie


FIRST Rodolfo Vieira GF Team

SECOND Bernardo Faria Alliance

THIRD Marcus Vinicius Checkmat BJJ

THIRD Antonio Braga Neto AB MMA



Full results can be found at:  Pan 2011 Results (IBJJF)

Event photo albums can be found at:  Pan 2011 Photos (IBJJF)

Some terrific videos of some of the top matches of the event:  Pan 2011 Videos

Two of my personal favorite quick finishes:

JT Torres vs Michael Langhi 2011 Pan Ams by ilovefights

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