Strikeforce Challengers 15: Wilcox vs. Damm - Live Results and Commentary


As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and commentary for Strikeforce Challengers 15: Wilcox vs. Damm. The live blog will start with the beginning of the Showtime broadcast (11:00 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

The event will be headlined by a bout between Justin Wilcox and Rodrigo Damm. The full bout list scheduled for broadcast is:

Justin Wilcox vs. Rodrigo Damm
David Douglas vs. Caros Fodor
Lorenz Larkin vs. Scott Lighty
James Terry vs. Josh Thornburg
Damian Douglas vs. Wayne Phillips

Kid Nate prepared a solid preview of the event for you to catch up on what you need to know about the event heading in. That preview can be read here. As a note of interest, this event will be the first Strikeforce event held since the Zuffa purchase of the promotion.

Make sure to join us to discuss the event live.

The Showtime broadcast is live. First fight up shortly.

Damian Douglas vs. Wayne Phillips - Round 1 - They clinch up and Phillips attempts a headlock throw but Douglas defends well and forces Phillips to pull guard. Douglas puts him in the cage and a scramble ensues with Douglas getting on the back and looking to sink in the choke but can't finish and they're back to standing. Douglas with another takedown as Phillips tries for the same throw that failed the first time. Again Douglas takes the back. Phillips stands up and Douglas lands a nice uppercut. Phillips with a head kick that is blocked and he eats a right hand. Phillips lands a right hand, and another. Now Douglas lands a nice shot. Body kick by Phillips and Douglas appears to be gassing. With half a minute left Phillips gets on top of Douglas and with just under 10 seconds left locks in a deep rear naked choke but Douglas is able to ride it out for the final bell. 10-9 Douglas but he is in a lot of trouble.

Round 2 - Phillips shoots in and almost gets caught in a guillotine but he is able to pop his head out. Phillips is on top and tries for mount but can't quite manage and ends up in half guard. Douglas manages to regain guard and they are stood back up.. Douglas is horribly gassed. Phillips with a big knee to the head and a second that misses. Right hand by Phillips. Douglas with a nice body shot. Nice left hand by Douglas and a knee to the body by Phillips. Douglas with a nice flurry. Nice left hand by Phillips. Right hand by Phillips. 10-9 Phillips round but not nearly as one sided as it should have been given Douglas' fatigue.

Round 3 - Both guys are gassed and punching like it. Left hand by Phillips. Slow head kick by Phillips misses. Nice punch lands for Douglas. Not a lot of landed strikes here but the better punches are coming from Douglas. Not sure why but the announce crew is acting like Douglas is about to lose despite a very close first round and his clearly winning this round. Nice punch lands by Douglas again. A few sharp punches by Douglas land and he won that round pretty clearly 10-9 to give him the 29-28 edge on my card.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 Phillips, 30-27 Douglas, 29-28 Douglas. Damian Douglas wins by split decision. It wasn't pretty but that was absolutely the correct call despite Mauro and company doing a horrible job of calling the fight like Douglas was losing terribly.

James Terry vs. Josh Thornburg - Round 1 - Huge right by Terry lands. Another Terry right hand lands. Thornburg moves out of the way of a head kick. Another right hand lands for Terry. Nice combination of punches and a leg kick by Terry. Right hand, straight left, head kick combo by Terry. This fight is really not even close to competitive. Thornburg fires some punches back finally and lands a little bit, even drawing a little blood around Terry's eye. Terry fires back and a right hand sends Thornburg crashing to the mat, knocked out cold. Beautiful display of striking by Terry. James Terry wins by KO (punch), round 1.

Lorenz Larkin vs. Scott Lighty - Round 1 - Lighty with a blocked head kick. Larkin throwing a strike with some real steam on it. Larkin with a jumping kick as well. Lightly throws a leg kick and Larkin kicks his other leg out and crushes him with apunch on the way up. Lighty is getting tagged by some big shots. Lighty counters a leg kick with a straight punch. Larkin with a push kick to the chest. Larkin tees off and Lighty drops but is able to survive a violent fury. Lighty comes back with some nice strikes. Round ends and it was 10-9 Larkin, and a hell of a lot of fun.

Round 2 -Body kick and a nice short left hook by Larkin. Lighty tries to shoot and gets tossed aside and Larkin is landing bombs now sending Lighty to the mat again. Larkin on top landing big shots and lets Lighty back to his feet. Huge uppercut by Larkin. Nice combination by Lighty and he gets crushed by an uppercut and he's basically out on his feet. Lighty stumbles to the side and Larkin demolishes him with a strike and down goes Lighty for the stoppage. Lorenz Larkin wins by TKO (strikes), round 2. Takedown defense, speed, footwork, huge power, diverse strikes. Lorenz Larkin might be something special.

David Douglas vs. Caros Fodor - Round 1 - Douglas throws a strike and Fodor pushes him right into the cage. Fodor can't get the fight to the ground and Douglas lands a nice flurry of punches. Douglas ends up with the takedown and moves to the back. Fodor defends the choke and an armbar and gets back to his feet. Fodor throwing knees from the clinch. Douglas is being worn down by Fodor's clinch. They go to the ground and Fodor is on top now landing elbows. Fodor to side control and he looks for the kimura but can't get it so throws some elbows to end the round. 10-9 Fodor.

Round 2 - Douglas weakly shoots in and Fodor ends up on top. They end up back standing and Fodor drops for the guillotine. It's deep and Douglas gives up mount in escaping. Fodor landing elbows from top and now postures up and lets his hands go. Fodor with a big right hand. Douglas tries to regain guard but Fodor quickly passes right back to side control. Fodor with three good elbows. 10-8 Fodor

Round 3 - Fodor lighting Douglas up with big strikes early.Knees to the body by Fodor have Douglas folding over. Fodor with a huge knee to the head. Another series of knees and punches and Douglas is doing nothing but getting hit so the ref jumps in to stop him. Caros Fodor wins by TKO (ref stoppage, strikes), round 3.

Justin Wilcox vs. Rodrigo Damm - Round 1- Long delay before the start of the bout as the California State Athletic Commission wasn't in place. It's an embarrassingly long delay. Wilcox slips to the mat on a high kick but gets up and Damm lands a nice leg kick. Head kick by Wilcox hurts Damm. Another one and some punches force Damm to shoot and he can't get the takedown. Damm with a nice kick and punch as he's back up and recovering. Right hand by Wilcox and Damm is hurt. Wilcox blasts Damm and is now on top landing huge strikes as Damm's blood pours onto the mat. After more powerful strikes Wilcox backs up but Damm won't get off his knees so Wilcox dives back in and does more damage. 10-8 round and Damm's corner should stop the fight between rounds.

Round 2 - There will not be a round 2 as the fight has been stopped by the doctor. Justin Wilcox wins by TKO (doctor stoppage).

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