UFC 128: Shogun vs. Jones Conference Call Live Updates

The coverage begins at 2 p.m. ET. Join us for commentary and analysis. Don't miss it:

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, in advance of the upcoming UFC 128: SHOGUN vs JONES scheduled for Saturday, March 19th in Newark, New Jersey will hold a media teleconference with UFC light heavyweight champion Shogun Rua and number one contender Jon Jones, as well as co-main event fighters Urijah Faber and Eddie Wineland.

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[UPDATES] via @Mike_Fagan_13:
Shogun Rua: I'm very happy as champion. I'm not concerned about the betting lines.
- Shogun: Both Rashad and Jon Jones are similar in many senses. Good strikes, wrestlers. Had to get some guys with bigger reach.
- Shogun: I'm not concerned about the time off. It's a similar amount of time between the Machida fights.
- Shogun: I've conquered all my dreams in MMA. It was hard to motivate myself after Pride GP, but now I fight every fight for my life.
- Shogun: I always looked up to Wanderlei for inspiration. I wanted to reach his level.
- Shogun: There are some good parallels between Jones and myself. Our games are different, though.
- Shogun: Jones' quick turnaround is going to have its advantages and disadvantages.
- Shogun: It's hard to find guys that can imitate Jon Jones, but we did our best.
- Shogun: I understand why people think Jones is the favorite, and I see myself as the underdog.
Jon Jones: Fighting is a thinking man's sport. Anger and aggression can only cloud your mind.
- Jones: Rashad has nothing to do with Shogun. I don't think I'm going to answer a question about Rashad going forward.
- Jones: I think everything happens for a reason. I have a solid camp around me. I'm in phenomenal (shape).
- Jones: I took a few days off after the Bader fight. Went down to Miami to rest. Back training by Thursday.
- Jones: I think helping Rashad train for Shogun is going to help a lot. I've had to watch a lot of his fights, analyze his tendencies.
- Jones: I'll be bringing God with me into the cage.
- Jones: I'm excited to be pushed for the first time in this fight - if I'm pushed. Who knows?
- Jones: My mom and dad will be at the fight.
- Jones: Winning this fight means everything to me. It's financial security for my family. A dream come true. This isn't a job to me. It isn't a paycheck to me. It's everything.
- Jones: I feel pressure, but I don't feel pressure at the same time. I'm not concerned about the press, video cameras following me, "Octagon jitters."
- Jones: That's my belt, and I want it, and I want to hang on to it.
- Jones: I do the right thing. I changed my phone number so I can stay focused.
- Jones: I think I'm the favorite because oddsmakers are very smart and think I'm going to lose.
- Jones: God doesn't help people who don't help themselves.
- Jones: Despite being a white belt, I think I can tap out Shogun.
- Jones: I have nothing to lose here. I'm going to have fun with the situation.
Urijah Faber: I haven't heard anything about TUF 14. I see this fight as a way to get a title shot.
- Urijah: I'd love to coach on the show, but it would be putting me out until December. Great marketing tool, good experience.
- Urijah: I'm a guy who follows his heart. You ask me a question, I'll give you a straight answer. I don't like Dominick Cruz.
- Urijah: Cruz chose me as any enemy, and I accept.
- Faber says he doesn't think there's really a difference in the shows he's headlined and #UFC 128 re: jitters.
- Urijah: Weight cut is easy. And now that I have money, I can buy good food. Sashimi, grape drinks, etc. I feel incredible.
Eddie Wineland: I want Urijah wants: title shot.
- Wineland: It's an honor to fight Urijah Faber.


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