The Week in Quotes: February 27th - March 5th

Photo by Dave Mandel for Sherdog


"Every guy on the UFC roster is a tough guy. ... But what separates tough guys into different levels? It comes down to how smart you are and the choices that you make." - Rashad Evans, who made the decision to sit out and wait for Mauricio Rua to recover from knee surgery in lieu of taking fights in the interim. Now his teammate, Jon Jones, will fight "Shogun" for the title after Rashad injured his knee in training. Rashad's "smart decision" has left him without a title shot, without a paycheck in nearly a year, and in disfavor with his boss, UFC President Dana White. So, he's got that going for him, which is nice. (Bloody Elbow)

"How good of friends are Jon Jones and Rashad Evans? They just met a few months ago. I've known people for 10 years that aren't my great friends." - White, adding, "Have I mentioned that I'm totes BFFs with 1995 American League Rookie of the Year, Marty Cordova?" (Versus)

"I respect Dana White a lot and if that's what he absolutely wanted to happen then, you know, I guess that's what would have to happen." - Jon Jones, on the prospect of fighting Rashad Evans. I mean, what could they have in common besides being young African American fighters with families? (Versus)

"Rashad and I have a lot in common; we're both young, African American men with families, we both like to sing and have fun, we're both elite MMA fighters, I mean we have a LOT in common." - Jones. Oh, right. They like to sing and have fun, too. 

"What Rashad has done by saying he's his friend and this guy's his friend, he's really boxing himself into a corner where he has no fights." - White. Hey, at least you have that rematch with Quinton Jackson available. Oh, wait, you eschewed that in favor of "Rampage" fighting Matt Hamill? THAT Matt Hamill? Uh. All right. Have fun with that.

"Jones expressed last night in an interview that he would fight me for the title so... I guess if... I mean... I'm no punk, so..." - Evans. You know what would be great, reader? If Dana White brought Keith Jardine back into the mix, and made Rashad fight him to maintain his status as number on contender. Worlds would collide! Heads would explode! (MMA Mania)

"Plus I don't think there is anybody out there that can whoop me so what am I afraid of?" - Evans. I have no idea!


"Let me begin first by saying that in five years of competing in the UFC at every level, we have never encountered a more unprofessional outfit as Jorge Rivera's camp." - Wolfslair co-owner Anthony McGann, in a statement regarding the nonsense between Michael Bisping and Jorge Rivera at UFC 127. (MMA Torch)

"Mr. Bisping is a professional fighter. He needs to be able to differentiate between a downed opponent and a non-downed opponent. If he can't do that, he needs to not be in this sport. His conduct was irrational, hot-headed and incredibly unprofessional." - Lex McMahon, Jorge Rivera's manager. You know what is professional? Racial stereotypes in juvenile video vignettes. (Boston Herald)

"I think the knee was intentional. I think he did do it on purpose." - UFC President Dana White. Because I'm sure Michael Bisping wanted to risk a DQ loss to a journeyman fighter on his ledger. That's a sound career move. (Versus)

"Mr. Bisping needs to be suspended and fined. Frankly, I wouldn't be upset to see him thrown out of the UFC." - McMahon. Considering the UFC currently employs a man who attacked a referee, a convicted drunk driver, a man who belittled the company's sponsors while birding the fans, a man who attempted to loophole his way out of his contract, and Tito Ortiz, I wouldn't get your hopes up.

"[Rivera's boxing coach Matt] Phinney was hurling abuse at Mike and our corner men the whole time. His behaviour at the cage was disgusting and unbefitting of the UFC and I won't go into any more detail as Phinney doesn't deserve any notoriety." - McGann. At least you didn't write seven paragraphs detailing all of Matt Phinney's transgressions or anything.


"If you get a chance to talk with him, please mention to your idiot-in-residence Michael Spitsbing it’ll be a little tougher to knee ME in the head when I’m charging at him like a runaway train and mincing him through the fence like a boiled potato, should we ever have the pleasure of each other’s company for a few (VERY few) moments in the Octagon." - Chael Sonnen, in an email to UFC matchmaker Joe Silva. (MMA Weekly)

"Oh; and I’d suggest to him being a little careful about spitting on any of MY cornermen, since any one of them can beat him up as badly as I can. Thanks ever so much. Hope all is well." - Sonnen. I was not aware that Matt Lindland had regained consciousness.

"As someone with much more experience than him, at a much higher level of competition, I am his superior and his behavior warrants an apology to me." - Sonnen (Fighters Only)

"I happen to know, from one of my very highly-placed sources at the UFC, that Michael Bisping's ‘goodwill account’ is seriously overdrawn with the company. He's on very thin ice wearing really sharp skates, if you know what I mean. So, there are only TWO possible outcomes for him: He can fight ME, or he can get released." - Sonnen, the only UFC fighter disciplined for conduct outside of the Octagon.


"This is one of those fights where there is no loser. I thought Diego Sanchez won the fight." - UFC President Dana White, on the UFC on Versus 3 main event between Diego Sanchez and Martin Kampmann. Cocaine's a helluva drug. (

"I want to make a statement with how I look. I want guys to say, ‘I can’t believe how strong he was in there.’" - Diego Sanchez, who looked flabby and slow en route to a Controversial Decision (TM Joe Rogan). (Sherdog)

"I like to win, period." - Martin Kampmann, with the Danish version of "Duh, winning." (MMA Weekly)

"After a fight like that, they are both still in the mix." - White. Concrete mix? Baking mix? Mix and match? Mixed drinks? A singles mixer? 101.9 FM, The Mix? Mix Magazine? Metadata for Images in XML Standard (MIX)? Meow Mix? AFL Hall-of-Famer Ron Mix?  I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS MIX IS.


"I’m gonna learn from my mistakes and not allow that to ever take place. 2010, forget about it, it sucked, and 2011’s my year." - Joe Stevenson, clinging to his UFC job after losing his third straight fight to Danny Castillo. (

"What I'll try to see if they'll let him fight in Japan. He's in the tournament so it wouldn't make any sense to have him fight in Strikeforce." - Alex Davis, Anthonio Silva's manager. It's not like Strikeforce has ever let "making sense" get in the way of their business. (

"I saw him a few months ago, he was about 235 lbs. Even if it was nine months ago, to lose 65 lbs is a push. ... I'm a little concerned because I don't want a percentage of his purse, I want the win bonus." - Dan Hardy, on Fight Night 24 opponent Anthony Johnson. Johnson has missed weight twice, each time by at least six pounds. (Middle Easy)

"Nobody's handed a shot at a world title in Bellator." - Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney. Conveniently, no one's handed a world title in Bellator. (Bloody Elbow)

"I don’t know if I’m going to go up (to) 185. I have no idea; it’s a complete reorientation of my career. I have a lot to lose and I haven’t thought about it, I haven’t sat down to talk about it." - Georges St. Pierre. Don't do this to me, Georges. (Versus)

"Jon Jones ain't Mauricio's greatest challenge. My brother had had great ones, and it'll be another fight on his career." - Murilo Rua, brother of Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. (Tatame)

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