My Top Five Favorite knockouts in MMA

In MMA there are many ways to finish fights. Some our by Submission and others are by stoppage aka known as a TKO. However my personal favorite however is the all so famous Knock Out! 

Every fan loves a good knockout. We all get out of our seat and Yell Holy SHIT did you see that!? That is the reaction that I had during these Knockout. This is my Top Five List of MMA Knock Outs. So Sit back, comment and enjoy. 

5. Rampage gets his Revenge and eats his cake too. 


This KO made me jump for joy. I was Like Yes! REVENGE! As much as people liked Wandy this KO made me feel so happy. The Punches after the hook excessive to say the least, but damn that is some grade a counter punching right there!

4. Two Knees are better then One.


I am sure by know that everyone has heard of Jose Aldo. However I think this KO has made them the talk of every MMA fan for a long time to come. The Timing and athletic ability to land both knees is something very few have. He is a prodigy and will hold his title for a while to come. 

3. Boom Head Shot!!!!!!


When people here Cro-Cop they think Left Head Kick. When you think Gonzaga you think big aggressive grappler. Well know they will think, the guy that gave Cro-Cop a taste of his own medicine. When I saw this kick I was like no way, NO FUCKING WAY that just happened. This kick could be called the kick heard round the world. 

2. Even unconscious this man wins fight
Matt Hughes was literally unconscious when his body lent forward and power bombed Newton into next week. This power bomb is my all time favorite slam, because Hughes is barley able to get up after he delivers the slam. he doesn't even realize he won the fight till he is told.  I love Hughes and I love this slam. 

1. Elbows are this mans best friend!


This is my all time favorite KO in the current history of MMA. This is easily probably the most unorthodox strike I have ever seen. We have seen the front kick by him, but a reverse front elbow!? Even his camp had been telling him not to try it. Silva has single handedly knocked out people with some of the most deadly strikes in MMA. He shows that he is probably the best striker in MMA bar none. 


That concludes my Top five list. Post your own list and enjoy the BE Forums.   





\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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