Joe Rogan is the Best in the Business.

This little ditty actually started as a post in response to yet another misguided soul expressing the opinion that the UFC could do much better than Mr. Rogan, perhaps someone more "serious" that doesn't swear. I have seen this sentiment expressed a few times, even by the writers on my favorite and bestest MMA site. (StrikeForce has the best team in the biz? Come the fuck on, please.) If you agree, please keep reading, I have a few things I would like to tell you. If you disagree, definately keep reading, because hey, it's always nice to know someone out there agrees with you. Validation and all that.


Joe is the best in the business by about 10,000 miles.

He says what most of us are thinking, and knows more about MMA than any other 2 commentators combined. His combination of MMA knowledge and ability in front of a camera can’t be found anywhere else. This guy has been doing TV and standup for about 20 years, and it shows in his smooth and professional delivery. A more serious commentator? Like…?

The Voice? His knowledge base is amazing but fuck I can’t stand the guy. If I hear “The big KeBOSH!” one more time I’m going to throw my remote at the TV. "He's on his back more than Jenna Jameson! The big BOK CHOI! IT"S GOODNIGHT IREEEEENE!!" Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Anything by Strikeforce commentators actually, physically, makes me cringe. Mauro sounds like he is calling an auto race from 1991 and his hyperbole is just as bad as The Voice, but done at increasingly inappropriate times. It's like we can watch the progression of his early-onset Alzheimers every time he goes ballistic over the ref checking to see if a fighter has his cup. Frank “Nick Diazsh Nick Diazsh Nick Diazsh!” Shamrock? Gus? The motherfucker was wearing lipstick last broadcast! Miletich isn’t too bad, but he has the personality of a grapefruit. No, not even that much actually. He has the personality of a potato.

Bas Rutten is the only guy that can hold a candle to Joe. Obviously the knowledge is there, but he hasn't speaking in front of a camera for nearly 2 decades, and it shows. But I do love me some Bas. Don Frye is also an acceptable option, but once again the lack of Camera time (with words) definitely shows.

Swearing and calling people douches is how real people talk, and Joe is a real motherfucker. If swearing bothers you then do the “Earmuffs” thing that we make little kids do, just be prepared to do it about 50% of the time, if you are an adult living in the real world.

Joe knows what the fuck he is talking about, and it’s not just knowledgelike most of these fat fucks that have never rolled or sparred in their lives, but alot of experience as well. He is a full contact TKD champion and he is a brown belt under Eddie Bravo. Joe Rogan could fuck you up son.

How many commentators can give advice to GSP? Not just give advice but show him? Joe Rogan has a spinning back kick that would kill most people, and he was nice enough to teach GSP. Check it out:

Joe on TKD for MMA and showing some crazy precognition of Anderson’s Frontkick KO on Vitor at about 11:00:

Joe works some chump that challenged him on MySpace:

Gus Johnson could totally do that Shit.

Joe doesn't just show up to talk about a sport and collect a paycheck. He lives and breathes this shit, and above all is a true fan of MMA and anything that involves two guys trying to hurt each other. To me, this is why he is the best in the business and no one is going to come close to even touching him, ever.

Joe Rogan is the Howard Cosell of MMA. A swearing, tatted-up, weed-smoking Howard Cosell that just don't give a fuck, but a Howard nonetheless.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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