UFC On Versus 3 Post Fight Analysis

Here are just some of my immediate thoughts after UFC on Versus 3.

I felt that Diego Sanchez winning against Martin Kampmann was a close fight. However, I do feel that there are some issues presented from the fight. One, the definition of knees to a grounded opponent has to change. During the fight, Sanchez would put his hand down on the mat because it would be illegal for Kampmann to knee him in the head while his hand was on the mat. There is no safety issue with this, and I feel that it should be amended. The other issue is similar to a Leonard Garcia fight. When Sanchez was winging punches mid-cage and mainly hitting air, Kampmann was countering him and did outstrike him, but the judges gave the round to Sanchez. I do not feel that it was a robbery though.

Munoz is a very strong Middleweight. Beating Dollaway was a good win, but I still have a difficult time seeing him get farther than mid-tier in the UFC Middleweight DIvision. His striking, while working with some great trainers, still needs much work. Coming off wins over Simpson and Dollaway, it looks like Munoz will probably get an upper echelon Middleweight next. As far as Dollaway goes, he is in mid-tier purgatory. He looks to be improving but is very inconsistent.

Weidman is a prospect to watch out for, and considering that he took the fight on short notice, he looked good against Sakara. From the fifteen minutes that I saw, Weidman does not look like a prospect in the same vein of Jon Jones or Phil Davis in my opinion, but he definitely has potential. His striking needs a lot of work, and the fact that many of his takedowns were getting stuffed shows me that he needs to mix his wrestling better with his striking. Of course, he only has five professional MMA fights, so I should not have expected to see him be absolutely amazing in his first fight in the UFC. I thought that Sakara wiping his blood on the ref was cool, but as far as where he goes, he looks to be stuck as a mid-level UFC Middleweight.

I want to see Brian Bowles against some of the upper-tier of the UFC Bantamweight Division after this performance. He mixed his game up very well against Damacio Page, and he weathered the early storm against him. Everything that Bowles did looked very slick from the transitions that he did to the guillotine. With two losses in a row both by guillotine, Page is either getting cut by the UFC, or he'll get one more fight. Honestly though, I can see him getting cut.

I don't know what to make of Shane Roller. His striking did not look that good despite getting the KO on Thiago Tavares. The KO shows that he has power, but his overall technique is pretty sloppy. This is a strong win for Roller, but I have a hard time seeing him get that far in the UFC Lightweight Division even with his wrestling pedigree. Tavares, if possible, should cut down to Featherweight. He has been stuck in the same place at Lightweight for so long that I think a change in weight class can do him some good. He has the skill and is very well-rounded, but for some reason, he just can't get that far in the Lightweight Division.

Despite an impressive win, Igor Pokrajac comes off as a lower-level UFC Light Heavyweight. Good for him to call out Tito Ortiz as getting a fight against Tito would be the biggest and most marque fight of his career, but I do not thnk that the UFC will give him that fight. Todd Brown is probably going to get cut from the UFC.

Joe "Daddy" Stevenson is done being a UFC fighter. I don't know if he needs to take some time off from fighting or cut down a weight class, but with all the losses that he has had recently, he just isn't UFC caliber anymore. I always liked him, but three straight losses to opposition that is progressively down the ladder shows that he just can't cut it anymore. Good win for Danny Castillo, and it seems that Team Alpha Male is doing very well after the UFC/WEC merger.

Steve "The Robot" Cantwell, like Joe Stevenson, is done being a UFC fighter as this is his third loss in a row. He's still young and doesn't have that many fights (7-4 record), so he can still improve. I find it interesting that Cyrille Diabate has managed to stick around in the UFC. I have picked against him in every one of his fights, but he has a UFC record of 2-1. 

I was hoping that they would show Rousimar Palhares leglocking Dave Branch. Not all BJJ Black Belts are created equal, it looks like. Branch has had some pretty boring fights in the fights that he won, so I have to wonder if the UFC wants to keep him. Palhares has beaten a good amount of lower-to-mid-tier Middleweights as most of the fighters that he has wins over in the UFC aren't with the UFC anymore, but he has failed against the upper echelon. I can see him getting a mid-tier Middleweight next.  

We got two fights on Facebook, and the telecast broadcasted six fights. Overall, it was a fun night of fights. 

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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