The WEC LightWeights: Not so 'Not so good' afterall?

There was a period where Zuffa's Mixed Martial Arts talent pool was divided between two different promotions. The HeavyWeight, Light HeavyWeight, MiddleWeight, and WelterWeight divisions were housed exclusively in the UFC while the FeatherWeight and BantamWeight divisions belonged to the WEC. The LightWeight talent, however, was split between the two. The UFC was the more popular, successful and without a doubt the primary promotion, all of the best prospects and other sign-ees went there. The WEC's LightWeight division was always considered a sort of B-class or a bit more minor league, occupied by fighters that probably 'wouldn't cut it' against the sharks in the UFC's LightWeight division.

With the announcement of the merger of the WEC into the UFC, along with the FeatherWeight and BantamWeight divisions, all of the WEC LightWeight talent came too. The UFC now had an oversized 155 pound division, and needed to weed out a lot of guys. Instead of continuing to match former WEC guys up against eachother, they decided immediately to put the 'new guys' up against seemingly appropriate matches in fighters who already called the UFC home. Some fighters and plenty of fans made comments implying or outright stating that the 'WEC guys' would be quick to lose an wash out against UFC competition. But the WEC fighters seem extremely determined to prove that they belong in the UFC.

Of the LightWeight matchups since the merger, the following are all of the 'UFC vs WEC' matchups that have gone down or have been announced.

UFC 126

Donald Cerrone(WEC) vs Paul Kelly(UFC) - Cerrone won via Rear Naked Choke at 3:48 of round 2

UFC 127

Maciej Jewtuszko(WEC) vs Curt Warburton(UFC) - Warburton won via Unanimous Decision

UFC on Versus 3

Thiago Tavares(UFC) vs Shane Roller(WEC) - Roller won via KO(Punches) at 1:28 of round 2

Joe Stevenson(UFC) vs Danny Castillo(WEC) - Castillo won via Unanimous Decision

UFC 128

Edson Barboza(UFC) vs Anthony Njokuani(WEC)

Jim Miller(UFC) vs Kamal Shalorus(WEC)

UFC 129

Mark Bocek(UFC) vs Ben Henderson(WEC)

The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale

Anthony Pettis(WEC) vs Clay Guida(UFC)


Out of the matches that have occurred, the current score is

WEC: 3, UFC: 1

Is it possible that the WEC LightWeights were just a tad bit more 'UFC worthy' than many gave them credit for?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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