I'm Fighting This Saturday on MTV2!

Promoted to the Front Page by Kid Nate, I added the photo too.

Bensaunders_mediumHey everyone,

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up... I am fighting this Saturday April 2nd for Bellator and it is gonna be broadcast Live on MTV2 starting at 9PM.

It has been about 1 year since I have been on a televised card. I have trained my ass off and look forward to giving everything I have to put on another brutally exciting fight for all my fans and everyone watching. I have been training non stop to improve my wrestling, take down defense, striking, and bjj. I look forward to showing everyone my improvements and above all show everyone that I am still a huge prospect. 

To all my fans who have stood by me, Thank You so much for all the support. Getting cut from the UFC was the most depressing situation I have ever experience in my life, and I have literally been through hell and back, so that is saying a lot. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. My losses were to very tough, and experienced veterans, with amazing skill and talent. I want to thank Swick, Fitch, and Hallman for giving me the experience I needed to grow as a fighter and become much better. I want to thank the UFC for everything they have done for me, it was an honor to work with such amazing people.

I want to thank "Bellator" for giving me the opportunity to turn my career around and be able to showcase my skills and talent on TV for the world to see and enjoy.

I have BIG BIG plans for this year! I have something in me right now. A fire that is lit and burning so hot and so bright, and I am eager to unleash it upon whoever is willing to give me the privilege to test myself against. I respect every opponent I have ever faced in my career and every fighter that will soon challenge me. I am a true martial artist and will represent Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Concepts till I die! 

Thank you all again for everything, I have received the most positive feedback in my most depressing and vulnerable time. All you fans gave me the inspiration to persevere and fight my way back. You all will never understand the extent of your actions, and words can't even begin to describe it. You all have helped me become a better fighter and for this I truly and sincerely want to Thank You!

Highlight Reel in Full Entry.

Anyone that would like to keep in contact or receive updates on my career... you can follow me on Facebook, and Twitter.

I have 3 facebook accounts right now, with thousands of friend requests on my other 2 accounts that I slowly but surely will be transferring over to my 3rd. I hate fan pages as I feel they are lame, and not really as personal as a FB page. I go out of my way and run them all at the same time thanks to the amazing technological advances man has created. I personally run them all and love interacting with everyone one of my fans. You guys are what make me train and fight harder. My 3rd FB account is...

and you can also follow me on twitter...


I look forward to putting on the fight of my life this Saturday and hope you all are able to watch and enjoy the show! =)

-Killa B


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