UFC Live: Sanchez vs Kampmann Predictions To Be Smart, and From The Heart.

I will try to do these for every major MMA promotion event. I think it is good to look at fights as if you are trying to be the next "Swami" of MMA and also just going with the fighters who you deep down you just really want to win or maybe are some of your fan favorites!!

Start with the Smarts, (from the heart after the jump)

Diego Sanchez vs Martin Kampmann - Sanchez by Split Decision. I really liked what I saw from Diego after going back to Jackson/Winkeljohn 's MMA. He looked powerful with his wrestling again. I see this as a very close fight and Diego taking the last round by heart and better wrestling and his classic Diego Ground n Pound.


C.B. Dollaway vs Mark Muñoz - Muñoz by Unanimous Decison. Muñoz has better wrestling in my opinion and will use it to grind out a win. He hits harder and is a bigger middleweight. Don't be surprised if Dollaway puts up a fight.

Alessio Sakara vs Chris Weidman - Sakara by TKO Round 1. I see the wrestler in Weidman trying to take him down and Sakara hitting him with hard bombs.I believe this one will end rather quick with his superior boxing.

Brian Bowles vs Damacio Page - Bowles by Submission (Choke) Round 2. They fought before in the WEC and I see the same outcome but just lasting longer. Bowles hits very hard as well but Page has a great chin but likes to get choked underneath it. Rear Naked this time is my guess. 









After the jump is the heart predictions. feel free to comment with both your heart and smarts! (I do curse from my heart FYI)

Go with your Heart.

All the MMA fans I know love Sanchez. Casual fans love Sanchez, my sister named her cat Diego and calls him Go Go Kitty because he just doesn't stop with the energy like Sanchez. And all those same people doubt Kampmann as is good as he is. A close friend of mine has a hatred for him so I kind of want him to pull of a decision out of spite for it all. Don't get me wrong I really like Diego Sanchez and probably like him more then Kampmann. But since I can have a TOLD YOU SO moment. I can see Kampmann taking a Decision.

 For a Co-main event for a Versus card I want to see a finish. that's all I ask for in fighters especially in wrestling-based fighters. Don't Fucking lay in guard on his belly gasping for air and doing a delayed body-body-head. Go for submissions!!! So since Dollaway does that I kind of want him to get submission of the night again with another Peruvian Necktie or maybe a D'arce.

Hmm newcomer or Sakara. That bad ass Legionarius tattoo is pretty much all I need to say.

I called the upset of Bowles beating Torres after reading up on Bowles and it also helped that a few months before that I read up on him and Duffee in a article in F!GHT Magazine talking about the Singers Gym in Georgia. So I wanna see him win big!

I like seeing Joe Daddy fight in the UFC so I hope he wins. I hope Palhares breaks someones limb(half kidding). And ohhh DONG YI YANG BITCHES!!!!!!! I just love that name it is very fun to say. I was going to go to this card being from Ohio but none of my friends would fork out cash and well I'm not that guy to sit by himself. In a slow week of MMA news the confirmation of Dong Yi Yang vs Rob Kimmons fight being on the card was all me and a buddy talked about for a good day and a half. 

STRIKEFORCE-OHIO Predictions tomorrow!!!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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