Well, it took around 10 weeks to get through my 8 weeks of GSP's Rushfit and I am glad to reach this milestone. I definitely look like a new man (skinnier at least) and I've gotten to the point where I am starting to feel energized after the workouts instead of exhausted . On the downside, though I lost 15 lbs and have a visible six-pack, not having too much luck with the spare tire.




I started off at 210 and now am 195. I'm still holding some fat around the waist as I mentioned, but my stomach is flat, I'm back in 34" waist jeans, and no longer wearing XXL shirts to hide my big belly. I've gained some muscle mass too because I've added 1/2" to my arms, legs, chest. I am surprised by the development of my oblique / core muscles because they are quite strong and I don't really remember ever having them before. Another good thing is that since my core has grown stronger and my flexibility has increased, I rarely have low back pain anymore. 




Basically, functional training is supposed to help you develop strength necessary to do your job and the activities you do in your normal daily life.

Little did I know when I started that some of the warmup exercises and balance and agility training would help me to navigate under, over, and around duct work and other equipment at my job while balancing on 2" wide ceiling joists and carrying weight in the form of a tool belt and tool bag. 




After you complete the program, you are asked to do an assessment consisting of the max number of squats, push ups, sit ups, and burpees you can do in one minute.


Here's how I did against GSP in order; squat, push up, sit up, burpee.

GSP - 75, 57, 55, 22

ME - 62, 37, 42, 18 


PROS - can be done by the really out of shape, gets you into shape, lose weight, gain muscle, variety of exercises , can be done in a small space in front of the tv

CONS - no cardio dvd included even though cardio was a part of the workout program

Overall I really enjoy the program and think that there is enough material and enough of a gap in performance between myself and the pace on the dvds to last quite a while before I would reach a point where I would not get results or be tired of it. I know some people complain about hearing the same dialouge over and over, but trust me is passes. I have an old beach body dvd I can recite it word for word if I want to, but usually just try to have fun and sweat. I'm going to take fews days off then do another 8 weeks and see if I can get to 185 and match the pace and intensity of the dvd.  Then I plan to go into maintenance mode for a while.

I'm sure Rushfit would benefit anyone who wants to get in shape and isn't already doing functional strength or cross fit type exercises. For kids wanting to get in shape for any sport, runners or cyclists, weightlifters, I'm sure this program would add to whatever you are doing or bring you to a point where you would have a solid foundation for whatever your athletic goals are.

For me the program delivered and I know there are others here on BE doing Rushfit and it would be great if they would share their stories as well. 

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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