MFC President Mark Pavelich on being "the defiant Prince of MMA" and not bowing down to Dana White

As driven as Pavelich is, he realizes White is number one in the MMA game. That doesn’t mean he has to like it.

"Some reporter called me ‘the defiant prince of MMA,’ " Pavelich said. "And I thought he’s so right cause the king is sitting there and I’m the defiant prince because it’s very difficult for me to wake up every day and go, ‘Oh I want to be number two in the world.’ That’s very hard for a person like me. I push because I want to be number one, and everybody knows that. The difference is, that realistically, that’s not realistic right now. Realistic is number two in the world. That’s very realistic."

Pavelich has been quoted as saying he does not like to" bow down to White." "The defiant Prince" explained what he meant by that.

"You know why, and this is the truth Jack, he is so good at what he does," stated Pavelich. "In this business there’s no one for me to look at and go he’s going to be someone I’m going to look to of what to do or what not to do or whatever. But he is so good at what he does."

"Now at the same time, he has a hard time showing admiration for other people in this business, right. There’s no question my work ethic is superior than 99.9% of the people in this industry. So for me, that’s what I’ve always had trouble with. Not that you have to send me a Christmas card, not that you have to get on a microphone and say ‘Mark Pavelich knows what he’s doing.’ You know, I’m not talking that kind of stuff."

"But he’s made innuendos and things in the past. He wants to make sure everybody knows he’s the 5000-pound gorilla and the rest of us are nothing. And I won’t allow that. And that’s where I got the comment of "bowing down to," right. If I’m going to be number two in the world, I got to be careful."

"That’s why I stopped watching his stuff on television. I don’t watch it, because I want to watch the Maximum Fighting Championship and I get in-fixed with that alone. I don’t want to have any of his stuff intrude into my mind. I want to make sure it’s all about the Maximum Fighting Championship."

Pavelich also discusses Zuffa's purchase of Strikeforce, the changing landscape of MMA and his quest to make MFC the number two promotion in the world... READ MORE

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