How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 4th Week of March


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twitterverse



"To all the morons hating on the UFC, if u only knew the way these other orgs are run and the way they treat fighters. There's no comparison... in Belgium last week. No commission/Nobody checking wraps or gloves. Every fighter cept mine was greasing like it was oil wrestling. a joke... the fans who hate cause of silly reasons have no idea how much more professional the UFC is than any other org."  -Mac Danzig, the event he was talking about? Ultimate Glory 13. John Alessio lost by TKO to Golden Glory's Siyar Bahadurzada.

"All packed for my Montreal training trip today. 7 pairs of cut off jean shorts, 7 tank tops. Yes, that's all, so NO comments! "  -Kenny Florian

"I care a lot about winning, but I also care about how I win. -Georges St. Pierre, who I hope isn't talking about Charlie Sheen's stash.

"For the last time I'm done with 155... This next fight I will have a 8 pack to silence the hater's, I bought a ab doer twist"  -Diego Sanchez

"We Japanese people need your heip!! And please pray for Japan. Thank you every UFC fans!! ...We started `Fight back fund' for Japan Earthquake Relief.We will donate entire sales amount. Please check my site "  -Takanori Gomi

"jujst a side note, his dick is huge"  -Jenna Jameson, responds to a fan saying Tito Ortiz has a small package... Again, too much information.

"I just realized I am fighting the longest employed HWY in Zuffa's history Frank Mir! He is awesome! I want to get on that plan!"  -Roy Nelson

"Hughes... keep telling Dana"  -Diego Sanchez, tells fans to tweetspam Dana White about him fighting Matt Hughes.

"Can someone tell Canada to quit trippin and let me up in there I'm tryin to get paid.."  -Nate Diaz



"Many of u probably already seen that I got offered the title shot & decided 2 take it. @ fought amazing! I'm very happy 4 him!"  -Rashad Evans

"Greg brought this situation about. He brought Jones on board a while back against my wishes & here we r today... so I decided 2 leave Greg because I felt like he didn't have my best interest anymore. Greg is not the same coach he use 2 b... I know @ style well cuz we trained 2gether & he knows mine. Now it's just a matter of who payed more attention or held back more."  -Rashad Evans

"@ kinda like when gsp came on the team.. Suga it has been a honor to share the room with a champion like urself"  -Diego Sanchez

"Him trying to hold me down round after round"  -Jon Jones, when asked what he thought was the most dangerous thing about Rashad.

"I love his confidence & arrogance! The more he believes his press clippings the better it is 4 me.."  -Rashad Evans


There are a ton of tweets after the jump, but first, if you have a twitter account, don't forget to follow:

The Official BloodyElbow Twitter AccountLuke ThomasKid NateBrent BrookhouseMike Fagan, Leland RolingRichard Wade, Jonathan Snowden, Duane Finley, Chris Barton, Damon O, Tim Burke, Matt Bishop... oh and maybe you all should follow that guy named Anton Tabuena


"What is the point you are trying to make? I never said you were fat... I said you were 155lbs, & you were. Are you roid raging?"  -Tara LaRosa

"Did I say u said I was fat? No & I wasn’t U were heavy back in the day u even explained how u lost all the weight so dnt lie"  -Miesha Tate

"Are you insane? I played college field hockey on scholarship, all through out HS, & in grade school. U’ve never seen pix of me."  -Tara LaRosa

"U don’t know sh** 4 a fact & u even showed me pix of u all fat b4 started training, what were u about 180? I learned how 2 actually diet right n not short cut like some ppl I got down 2 138 easy now I gotta gain 2 fight @ 135... So 2 start u were WAY bigger than I EVER was but who gives a sh** I said I’d fight u at 25 I know I can make it no prob. I just haven’t gone 25 yet cuz SF doesn’t have that division & u used to be hella fat when u started wrestling back in the day.. I fight whoever I can u of all ppl should know comin up it’s hard 2 get fights Im a natural 125r 2 smart 1 we r the same height"  -Miesha TateGals Guide to MMA wrote about this, and pointed out an interesting thing. "It's just incredible to me that these two woman are elite athletes, and yet they still go for the female fight jugular and call each other fat."

"Just got some inside info about where all Miesha's newfound confidence is comin from... Clenbuterol. I knew u were on somethin sweetheart! ...I just found out she’s been on Clenbuterol, a steriod. I’m guessing she’s on a plane right now back to the west coast... I wonder what @bjpenndotcom would say bout clenbuterol? So this is where all ur courage is comin from! -Tara LaRosa, now it's steroid accusations. Yikes. Ton of bad blood, but I doubt they're ever going to fight though.

"O honey, I'm not dodgin u. I don't like u & never have. U don't deserve2 make a dime off fightn me... Are you serious? RLY? C’mon you really think you’re better than me? The cut to 125 alone will kill you... U rly think ur tht important to SF? Ur an ego centric, self absorbed liar, tht believes ur own hype! Marloes is going to beat u!"  -Tara LaRosa

"No one can take away what you’ve done but do I think I can beat you? absolutly... Ypu obviously don’t know me, I can make 25 I already made 32 no prob, 25 just a hop & skip I just don’t mind steppin up @ 35."  -Miesha Tate



"Anyone remember that there is an M-1 Global event this Friday on Showtime? Trivia: off the top your head, name 2 people on the card... The promotion for this one has been off the charts. Are there even videos online to create buzz? Are they hoping no one watches? Pls explain"  -Ariel Helwani

"Not even trying to hide your bias anymore? Guess I should be thankful you didn't close any M-1 offices on the site this week."  -Evgeni Kogan

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Just calling it like I see it... If there are any promo videos or features out there, would love to see 'em. I would love to be proven wrong"  -Ariel Helwani

"Promotion for Challenge XXIV: you were personally sent 3 event and 12 fighter releases. I checked. We can re-send if needed!"  -Evgeni Kogan, says 15 press releases are enough to promote an event.

"Not what I was referring to. No prob. No interest in going back/ forth w/ some1 who resorts to low blows over Twitter. G'luck"  -Ariel Helwani

"In my book, criticizing us for a lack of promotion when sitting on 15 releases, is the low blow Ariel."  -Evgeni Kogan

"my last response on this: sending releases and promoting an event on your own are 2 diffs things. Surprised you don't know this"  -Ariel Helwani, gets criticized as being a "Zuffa Shill" but to be fair, he's right in this case. Press releases aren't enough to make people care. That's just hoping the press promotes it for you. To be fair though, it is really hard to get the word out, if the product really is hard to promote.

"and I do have good news: I found 1 video on YouTube promoting the event. Hopefully you can get more than 27 views for it by Fri"  -Ariel Helwani, good comeback, but Evgeni should be happy that even if Ariel didn't link to it, the video just got a bunch of views after that tweet.



"Judas Jones is gonna have 2 wait cuz @Bigfootsilva been asking 4 it! I can’t understand him but I know he talking bad about me in portuguese! =) lol"  -Rashad Evans


"Thank you @brittneypalmer for my painting:)"  -Chandella Powell


"Road rash update!! Feeling and lookin much better.. still have about 2-3 bottles of Maderma to go ;)"  -Natasha Wicks


"Smile! Have a happy sunday! Xo."  -Arianny Celeste


"My mon night painting :) Dance like noones watching.. :)"  -Brittney Palmer


"With my boss @danawhite and @tabbep get down here and party with us!"  -Chandella Powell




"105 pounder training with the best. :D this was after a full body weight training workout."  -Arianny Celeste


Think I missed a tweet that deserves to be featured here? Let me know in the comments!

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