Increase the number of judges and add video monitors, Voila!

Watching fights is an awesome experience.  The atmosphere is charged even at a friends house.  If it is a particularly important fight the adrenaline gets pumping long before Bruce Buffer steps to the mic to introduce the combatants.

Unfortunately, this is not a good mindstate for objectivity.  Judging in MMA has been at the top of the list of controversial topics for a good two or three years.

Dana White loves to say "don't leave it in the hands of the judges".  It's one of his most used phrases, along with the timeless "so and such is in the mix".  This is not good for the sport as it marches slowly towards mainstream acceptance.

The media and fans call for rule changes after every controversial decision.  I'm calling for something a little different:  Change the way judges view the fight.

Currently judges sit ringside.  This is fine, but since they are only human, it's easy to figure that the crowd can have some influence on them.  Three more judges should be added, watching the fights on a video feed from a secondary location.  The UFC just introduced an amazing online feature which allows for fights to be watched from all the different video feeds that the UFC captures.  This is what the judges who are watching on video should have at their disposal.  They should be able to rewatch exchanges in which a high volume of attacks are exchanged.

With a minute of downtime in between rounds and a minute or two after the fight is over for the judges to render their decision, this extra video reviewing shouldn't upset the apple cart too much.  With some additional post-fight downtime the UFC can afford Rogan and Goldberg the opportunity to do some extensive replays and analysis.

Finally, I would suggest that, at random, one judges scorecard is not tallied.  This will avoid 3-3 decisions.

I know it isn't a perfect system but I'd like to get some feedback on this idea.

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