A happy but belated introduction to the BE community

[edit] Golly, after hammering out my thoughts I realize I have +2800 words and some picks for UFC 128, egats I got carried away... Now time for copy editing and posting... good thing I will sneak under the radar with this when the tidal wave of pre fight articles & updates unceremoniously push my lowly fanpost aside [edit2] Just saw a typo or three , drat [edit3] adding a Post Script[/edit]

Hello all!

While I've been wanting to jump into the fray for sometime, I've found myself reticent to do so. Life goes on quickly, yet for some reason this week cannot go by fast enough! I've decided to hop out of the woodwork and give a go at my first fanpost, which I figure would be a good introduction for me and for you (yes you).

I'm not a particularly strong writer, but it's part of engaging in the conversation as opposed to just sitting in the darkness contemplating the merits of what others have said.However one thing that does tickle my fancy is freewriting, or basically not stopping at all as one hammers out train of thought after train of thought irregardless of grammar or typo's occurring... Those can always be cleaned up when transitioning from rough --> final draft ( I will at least glance at it, but I'm sure there will be horrible grammar, or awkward something or other... If your an English major, I apologize) I've always tried to conduct myself online how I would in person, that includes being a proper English gentleman, even though I'm a clueless Yank. This, and probably most of my writings on the BE are going to be conducted in this cavorting freewrite style that best suits me and my mile a minute brain. Thanks for bearing with me

More after the jump

Ah the jump, some thing I realized existed after I started actually reading the BE myself and not over the shoulder of my other mma loving buddies, it's a mysterious thing that usually unlocks a treasure trove of information, and something I was pleased to discover. Speaking of things with the BE i've wanted to discover what is up with the war fitch, war whomever? I know it's packets of Dawkings esque memematic information, but what exactly is it's origin? I would really love it if someone could come out the cuts and explain that one to me.

Another thing I've been interesting in fiddling with but haven't really had the time is what I guess you could call end user backend, all the view / settings stuff. I guess it just boils down to modes that can sift the different types of content that BE aggregates, show fanposts, show fanshots etc, go wide go small. What are some of the little tidbits that you have discovered with your tenure at BE?

After joining, one of the things that instantly got my attention was the brown highlighting of unread comments, and the whole Ctrl - Z scrolls down, and ctrl A marks all comments as read? I'm sure that helps in tracking down the inevitable discussion that occurs after an article


Speaking of which, that is one of the sweeter parts of the BE, well apart from the Judo chops, commentary, fight calling, and other nifty stuff BE contains but I digress, more on the above in a few...

The discussion that plays out in the comments thread is really the driving force for me to sign up and actively participate in the BE, if not on the merits of being able to rec things alone. As I was moving from casual user to readily reading reams of posts / discussion it was nice to notice the BE hivemind or cloud (thanks CISCO) be able to highlight seemingly important / awesome comments.

Another thing that gives the BE a leg up is all the hilarious photos / gifage that occurs in the comments, and it's neat that it's allowed and when people actually do make a funny others can show approval. When it's done right it's gold, but it's a great power with which comes great responsibility so I'm going to refrain from images until I get more secure around these parts. Speaking of images I was morbidly curious before I actually signed up how people posted them... Was it some sort of bbc code? Some cutsie gmail/lj/css/rich style wp editor thing? (which it turns out to be) Or you can just be awesome and dust off the old HTML apparently...

{{{<imc src= INSERT URL HERE.gif> </img> or something like that }}}

I don't know what comments out code, but I gave it a good try with the three whatever those bracket dealies are called, perhaps it's c++ style double slash.

//is it?



Long story short it's pretty cool to watch how other fight fans feel about upcoming fights, or things that have recently transgressed in the MMA world. People I interact with in the real world at my bill paying job have now come to expect me as the defacto conduit for information regarding  future matchups, which I scour from people who have posted here, and relay to all my frickin fence sitting MMA friends as well (those bastards)

I used to just check BE before shows to figure out what the under cards were going to be, what matches were dark, or after the fact who won / what is coming up.  Another favorite of mine was watching the founders call fights, I love looking at the reasoning they use to draw the conclusions they did, because it's not mine, and it's usually an interesting take on the matter that I would have glossed over (for some reason that brings to mind judo chops, but more on that later)

And so I joined the bloody elbow, and several other SBnation blogs (yay gals guide) even though I look leerly at SBnation as the AT&T that provides the framework for Turnkey sports blogs that eventually amalgamize into some big huge 200+ community user generated content creating machine!

Speaking of user generated content it's neat to see people express their take on matters with fanposts, and it's always sweet to see that fanshot that gets promoted to the front page cause it was so totally worthy. Thats great work you folks who put in the leg work on that.

I really enjoy the judo chops, it's nice to have the gracie breakdown, or the expert of whatever is occuring explain it in lingo that the layman can understand, the one that really jumps to mind was the boxing shrug / slip that penn did on on Hughes, I was to busy being amazed by what had transpired than to actually get a good solid look at the techniques behind what had occured, and that is where the judo chops came in. They have always been a solid loveable part of my BE experience, big ups to the folks who churn those suckers out, and a bigger up to the folks who come thru on the animated gifs that really help my visual learning inclined mind see what occurs. Other interesting chops are the sub chops, the Anderson Silva chops, and the Jon Jones causal footwork errors...


I guess I should touch a little bit on my background, with "fighting" and also watching MMA

When I was a youngwarthog we would go to the video store and get UFC > 30 on VHS and we would go home to my neighbors house (he had the huge projection tv) and we would watch, and be amazed. Old UFC is kinda like TUF, or highschool wrestling. odd analogy but bear with me, other than the action that was more style on style centric I find oldschool UFC to be 1) Gracie promotion agency (heck didn't he fund like the first 10 to get his name out?) 2) full of folks with lots of heart and drive but some sloppy technique. Just yesterday I saw a comment on the spectre of Royce returning in the Rio UFC show, and he was blasted as being a one dimentional player in a new world of MMA. Basically an analog dinosaur in the world of digital men, yet this guy was the pinnacle of BJJ at the time subing folks who were huge / crazy. Speaking of early UFC, I want to do some investigation and author and article or two looking into the curious case of Joe Son, and his Joe Son Doe / being random task in Austin powers to his 18 year passed but apparently not stautorily limited gang rape charges?!?!


But once again I digress


I was a nerd throughout jr high and high school, but my neighbors down the street were literally top jocks, and had already been doing some bjj/muai thai/karate/boxing training so I pretty much didn't get fucked with, and then my senior year I went out and wrestled, and it was a fantastic experience, I got to get my letter for my jacket and rock it around my hometown wooo etc.  I really wish I did it sooner, could have gone to State. When I was growing up my friends down the street would always rock me in "fights" they were all about the armbars and the joint locks, and just the general being quick and trained and athletic while I wasn't, but I got some good rolling with those folks. My other friend in the neighoorhood would occasionally disagree with me, and it would come to blows (he later committed suicide, but I always remember the playfights that would come from the street hockey we engaged in escalating to not a true fight but pretty close. It's the same way in which calling the fights that occur in WWE fake is bs, folks still get hurt, blows still get thrown, and Brock Lesnar still gets concust after botching shooting star presses, etc)

And I recall getting outstruck, now that I think of it I can also remember one of my jock friends judo friend fighting on the same lawn (if the ball went on the grass, that is where fights / checks were fair game. The concrete was verboten) with me and constantly leg tripping me but once again I digress

I got lit up one day (pretty sure I got hip tossed into a jeep, as well as out struck) and I asked the jock friends for some boxing training, and then it commenced. Rocky Style training to hone my undeveloped striking.


Next time I fought Will (RIP guy), I recall having head movement, and lighting him up... Repeatedly... with the jab... and the left right hook uppercut...




but I'm not an expert by any means, I just really enjoy the watching the grand scrambles that occur when you get legit ground battles, and the amazing KO's that come from that one punch. I like all MMA just not UFC, and it prefer it over boxing cause real fights, unless ended in the first 5 punches thrown will usually go to the ground. It's nice to see MMA enjoy a more wide/main stream acceptance.


Having joined the BE where am I to go from here? Well logically introductions, which is what is occuring now, but also being able to respond, or give props to the one quick witted individual out there who makes you bust up with side spliting laughter as you are reading comments, or the snarky almost got my journalism degree style of article that keeps you grinning as you peruse it's outlandish yet solid premise.


Another thing I really enjoy is reading all the editors discuss picks for a fight, I always image what my pick would be up there along next, so I'm going to share my picks for the upcoming fight card this saturday UFC 128. Feel free to debase me and my picks cause I'm biased, and have some faulty logic:


Mirco Vs Schaub: This one is not going to the judges, mainly because Schaub is going to grotesquely murder cro cop with his NFL explosiveness. I'm not counting out the cro cop of late, even thou the mir fight was ??? and Pat Barry loved him too much / lacked the sense to dive on a badly stunned crocop and finish him. He's got a punchers chance, and one of crusty whilley schrewd veteran to boot. The old and treacherous will beat the young and spry, but not in this case, sorry. Especially with the way Brendan has stated hero worship goes on the shelf when the door shuts       Schaub by Spectacular KO


Akiyma vs Nate The Great:

I was rooting for Sexyama cause c'mon, why not? And then he couldn't leave japan, so that one kid stepped up.

Bleh, I will take Miller by stunning upset even though he will probably get dommed by Nate, cause everyone loves the underdog. Unless of course that underdog is


Eddie Wineland taking on My man Urijah Faber


This one is mind numbingly simple, Urijah wrested, attended, and coached at UCDavis. I Love that damn town, and Urijah is a beast for continuing to fight with broken / injured hands during his brown fight. Faber, hands down. IIRC he is at -550 and going to pass and pull some squirrel shit like he did last time and choke someone out.. Faber by Sub, 3/4 thru 1st round after feeling out period...


And then we have Hua Vs Jones, in this particular instance experience will trump, Hua was where Jones is: A 23 year old phenom about to bust some skulls...

Watching Hua beat Machida the first time, and then get robbed (his fault he let it go to the judges, he had his time to speak with his fists and he didn't talk loudly enough... Perhaps next time) and then get his instant rematch only to charge and crush the bike rider was pretty satisfying.

Jones on the other hand is a great fighter to watch, and I knew he was something special the first time I watched him fight, Especially how he took his DQ loss (everything happens for a reason, se la vie) but man can this kid sure stick his foot in his mouth... Every time he opens it I dislike him as a person more and more. A younger friend of mine died last year, he was 17, he died from a rare form of cancer that had metastizied practically everywhere, and his GOP mother (and him) were against Medical Marijuana, yet one of his doctors persuaded him to try and it it let him live his last two years easier, and being able to keep food down / crippling nausea under control. Go snitch on him Jones, cause marijuana is knee jerk illegal (stamp act? controlled substances of 60/70's bandaiding that loophole after it's fueled by reefer madness, anslinger ignoring the laguardia commission when they did scientific research for the first time, not to mention the gateway drug / you go nuts / textile industry conspiracy theorists talking about how you can make hemp paper and oil and etc etc and that is why it was it remains illegal despite grossing more than the top 5 legal cash crops combined in California for the last 5+ years...) but anyways I digress again

He's young, and he's learning very fast, and he comes from that NCAA wrestling background that the wrestler in me can't help but love.


But I just don't think he will unlock Hua, Hua is gonna put hands on him, firmly, like no one has before. Then all that flash and pzazz is going to go right out the window with a bell ringing, maybe hua will get taken down but use those long Jones Bones as levers and take an arm (or much rather a knee, please please!) home with him? Either way I don't see the gnp hellbow, or the spinning / jumping elbow / kick coming into play much for Jones


War Hua! (did I do that right?)


Shogun: By highlight reel spectacular rocket-assisted-hype-train derailing KTFO



Oh touching on the subject of Solid wrestling background, I can't wait for Lesnar (and Lashley later this month, and Carwin in a few months) to get back in the ring. With the Exception of the full time hydrology engineer Shane, Lashley and Lesnar are WWF/E "superstars" that felt the itch to actually fight. When I was young I would watch smackdown, because it debuted on broadcast UPN (I guess that is why UFC wants iON, well that and for spike leverage but again I digress) and I could watch. I didn't have cable growing up, and getting access to channels 31, 42, and 58 was only if you had bossy rabbit ears, so growing up I really only had 3,6,10,and 13. One of those was a KVIE affliate with great programing. So young me watches wrestling, and see's it for the male soap opera that it is, sure matches are pre determined but two guys go out there and perform for paying fans filling in the gaps with ad lib brutal ballet.

It has an appeal, and the voice segments / storylines / heat / heel face relationships are an integral part of moving the show business ahead.


In unrelated news the UN agreed to a no fly zone over Libya today, and the air force is the only pro Ghaddafi thing that has been consistently mauling the rebels. I predict rapid change of events now that it's pretty much a ground skirmish with entrenched dictator vs thousands of angry AK toting teenage volunteers. It's going to take effect in +3 hours, which will be one hour before sunup in Libya. In an odd turn of events France is expected to lead the charge...


I think I've pretty much wrapped up my introduction... I'm glad to be part of the BE community and as always when I read BE i'm passing out rec's like they are going out of style!


Thanks again for reading, and have a pleasant day



P.S: Yes my avatar has a transparent star, and yes my name is the character limit in Tildes

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