UFC 128 Fight Card: Jon Jones Quotes - Confidence or Arrogance

Jon Jones at the UFC 128 Pre-Fight Press Conference, via UFC.com

On March 19, UFC 128 will bring fans an epic clash between Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, the light heavyweight champ many consider the best ever, and heavily hyped challenger Jon Jones.

Jones has been firmly in the media spotlight in the build-up to the fight and has had plenty to say about the fight:

"I truly believe it's my time, so I feel as if it's already done. And the people who picked me to win, they'll be saying 'I told you so'."

"Despite being a white belt, I think I can tap out Shogun."

"I know I’m gonna win this fight because how badly I want it. This fight will be mine. I’m excited to be pushed for the first time, if I’m pushed, who knows. I’m embracing the whole situation."

"I envision just being too big, too fast, too new school. I think I'm going to be a major breath of fresh air that he just can't handle."

"Now it’s just my time to go out there and literally take what belongs to me. I feel as though that’s my belt and I want it and I’m going to hang on to it. But I’m going to start with Shogun."

"I'm going to be too strong, too hungry, too dynamic, too explosive; it's about the rise of Jon Jones."

"Shogun wakes up in the morning and puts his pants on just like I do. I'm sure he poops just like I poop and it's just another fight. I try not to fight the face, I try not to fight the name, I fight the body."

"It's funny I've been doing some autograph signings, I've been signing lately 'Jon Jones Champion 2011', almost as if I've spoken into existence. I just think it's crazy."

Bloody Elbow reader Orcus helps us transcend the language barrier to see the Brazilian champion's response: (via UOL Esportes)

"(Jon Jones) is a young guy, he’s winning his fights convincingly and for that he’s very motivated. I think that’s why he said those things. But everyone has their responsibilities, this is his problem. To be honest, I don’t see that as confidence. I am confident and I don’t go around saying those things."

"Now that he has said those things, I want to see him proving them (inside the Octagon). I rather stay quiet and show what I know fighting (inside the Octagon), I’m like that."


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