Todd Duffee: Buying Strikeforce Moves MMA Closer to Mainstream Respect Like the NBA and NFL

Todd Duffee says the UFC's purchase of Strikeforce moves the sport closer to the mainstream respect that other leagues like NBA or NFL get.

Shortly after Zuffa's purchase of Strikeforce was announced, Todd Duffee weighed in on the whole issue. The former top UFC heavyweight prospect says that while he talked about all the negatives at first, he decided to give out a list of positives that will come out from this. From the UG:

I had the luxury of hearing of this possibility about two weeks ago so I have had time to brace for impact.  However I thought it would happen later in the year or next year... I am aware there are a lot of possible negatives but I'd much rather hear what the positives are going to be, and dwell on that.  At this point, it should be embraced. Complaining isn't going to undo anything.

- My first thought was all the great possible match-ups we will get to see. I understand they will be operating separately for some time but I hope when they say cross-promotion they are saying mega-fights will happen, not just strikeforce will have a booth at the fan expos. 

- Some of the greatest fighters in the world won't have to hear the dreaded question of when will you get good enough to be in the UFC and instead get the respect they have already earned.

- Another step in gaining the same respect the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB etc.

- Strikeforce will now have the money to put on more shows meaning guys won't have to sit on the shelf for long periods of time... More shows means possibly more free shows.

- More pull within the japanese market due to strikeforces good relations which might save Japanese mma.

- The naysayers can now be ignored an we can rest assured that the tourney will go on... Also the greater possibility of more tournaments in the future as a feeder into the big shows.

There are a bunch of other positives that he listed there, but his favorite - Less trolling and complaining from the internet, and no more choosing sides or having endless debates about which organization is "better".


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