Holy $hit Batman...Dream matches that might come true...

Ok..I know Dana said everything will be the same, and its still like the two companies are owned by separate companies.  But C'MON! How can anyone read the news of Zuffa purchasing their #1 competitor, who is chalk full of legit fighters, and not get excited?

Anyways...heres the list of fights that I would LOVE to see, which may, or may not ever happen. Only time will tell:


  • Fedor vs. Randy:Ok, they are both old, and people are passing them on the skill level.  But they both can still fight, and are both legends.  Let them slug it out on the co-main event of a GSP fight card, and you'd have the highest selling ppv of all time
  • Overeem vs. Dos Santos:Maybe I should be more excited to see Werdum vs. Velasquez, or Overeem vs. Velasquez, but its Overeem vs. Dos Santos that gets my blood pumping.  Two guys who love to throw down is always fun.  But when they are at the skill level of these two behemoths...good night Irene
  • Struve vs. Del Rosario:  Two young, top notch prospects.  Both have made waves in the HW division, with Struve having more experience against top fighters, but Del Rosario really, just beating on everyone he's faced.  This is a fight that could prove to show who the champ in 2015 just might be.

Light Heavy Weight: Out of all the weight classes, this is the least exciting for me.  Maybe because it seems (to me at least) that most the guys have been over rated (Feiajo), or aren't ready for the big time yet (Mo).

  • Mousasi vs. Bonnar: I know, I know...Stephan Bonnar?  The last thing that I want to see is Mousasi get L'n'P by a guy like Bader or Mo again.  And Bonnar always comes to fight, and likes to throw down as well, so I think it would make for a hell of a fight to introduce Mousasi to the UFC fanbase.
  • Roger Gracie vs. Tito Ortiz:Roger, Please choke Tito out of the UFC..please!
  • Feiajo vs. Thiago Silva: Just BLEEEED!!!!

Middle Weight:

  • Jacare vs. Maia: I know..two great grapplers = 1 sloppy kickboxing match.  But I still have my hopes. It might start off as a bad kickboxing match, but one of the guys will be losing, and hopefully will have to resort to pullign guard, and taking the fight to the mat.
  • Kennedy vs. Mardquart:  Two fighters who are pretty similar (well at least they are both well rounded), with Nate having the edge on the feet, and Tim having the edge on the ground.  It would be a good fight, with the winner being that much closer to a contender, rather then a gatekeeper.
  • Manhoef vs. Leben: If you can't figure out why this would be a fun fight, then shame on you
  • Robbie Lawler vs Tom Lawlor: Just to see how Goldie would be able to handle announcing a fight with guys who have the same last name

Welter Weight:

  • Nick Diaz vs. Jon Fitch: Just because I have a burning desire to see the Diaz brothers lose, and I think that Fitch would smother Diaz like no one (not named Jake Shields) could.
  • Thiago Alves vs. Cyborg Santos(The male version):  Sure, Alves is probably pretty likely to run right through Santos with superior Muay Thai, but something in me thinks this would turn into Cyborg vs. Manhoef version 2.0.
  • Paul Daley vs. Jon Fitch: Similarly to Diaz, I loath Daley.  And nothing better then to see him get held down, and have Fitch whisper sweat nothings in his ear, just like Kos did.

Light Weight: Easily the most exciting division to make match ups in.  This is the only division with more then one fighter who could be ranked in the top 10 outside of the UFC

  • Melendez vs. Edgar/Maynard: Who is the #1 LW in the world? This would give us our answer.
  • Aoki vs. BJ: I know, BJ doesn't fight at LW anymore, but he could come back down for this fight.  BJ could probably keep the fight standing and batter Aoki on the feet, but my hopes would be to see Aoki butt scoot to BJ, pull guard, and see the two in an epic BJJ match.
  • Kawajiri vs. Jim Miller: Two guys who are fringe contenders, both have lost when matched up against elite LW's.  Should be a fun fight.
  • KJ Noons vs. Melvin Guillard:  This fight would be guaranteed to have fireworks.  Neither guy would back down, and both guys are confident enough to assume they are the better striker, thus, a KO is inevitable

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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