Subo Loooves Strikeforce; Other Seemingly Sarcastic But Now Not Necessarily Contradictory Things

My initial reaction was to focus this FanPost on every article and heated comment section regarding business competition between the UFC and Strikeforce over the past year.  In particular, I recall a great deal of discussion regarding Dana White's failure to comment (read: shit on) the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP.  

Then I realized the ramifications of the deal reverberate well beyond the confines of business (boring).  With this bombshell of an MMA news story, we can use hindsight (and our perfect BElitist foresight) to make fun of stuff.

Allow me to begin:

  • Despite years of enough vitriolic discourse between Vadim Finkelstein and Dana White to kill a horse, enough conjecture that Fedor would never fight for the UFC to fill a large barn, and enough press that articles had to be written on M-1's "Soviet-Style" negotiation, Fedor technically works for Zuffa.
  • You've got to wonder how far up the wrong tree ol' Bjorn Rebney was barking during the whole "Melendez/Alvarez superfight/co-promotion release-text-messages-to-the-media" thing.  Didn't exactly set a good business precedent there.  If negotiations with the UFC had begun by then, you've got to imagine that Uncle Dana had himself a laugh at that fiasco.
  • Zuffa has a roster of approximately 8200 lightweights.
  • Snowden played his cards right by squeezing all the emotion out of GSP v. Silva earlier this week.  It's still the biggest superfight on paper, but THERE'S SO MUCH MORE TO TALK ABOUT NOW!  It is significantly more likely that we will see people like Melendez and Overeem in the UFC now that business is all in house (and there's nowhere else to go for the big bucks).
  • Also extremely silly in retrospect given how recent it happened and the fact that Zuffa now owns everything: the whole "who got the best of the Henderson/Shields trade" argument.  That was really worth the time and effort.  OK that was legitimately sarcastic.
  • Also technically on the Zuffa payroll: Paul Daley & Josh Barnett.  Hilarious.
  • This is not specifically pointed at Subo, but to all the Zuffa-nuts who have ever shit on Scott Coker: I am happy to see perhaps the only good-faith businessperson in fight promotion get some love from DFW.
  • Dearest Fagan, unless Chael Sonnen repents for all his misdeeds and is elected Pope (or takes it the other way and goes on a murderous rampage) I think the 2011 Reader Awards Story of the Year is locked up.
  • Things become so weird and abstract if the "UFC/WEC style merger" Josh Gross is reporting goes through after the end of the Showtime contract that I can't even . . . oww my head.
Any other thoughts?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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