Bad Boy Presents Bloody Elbow Radio - GSP/Silva Talk, Weekend Preview, Lyle Beerbohm, Eliot Marshall


Bloody Elbow Radio, presented by Bad Boy, returned to the air Thursday afternoon to talk the latest in MMA. Hosts Matt Bishop, Forrest Lynn and Brent Brookhouse had an extensive debate about the potential superfight between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva, plus we talked about the UFC moving its pay-per-view events to a 9 p.m. ET start.

We were joined on the show by Strikeforce lightweight Lyle Beerbohm. He'll be fighting Shinya Aoki at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley. We talked about him about that fight, his fight last month with Pat Healy, his current relationship with Strikeforce and much more.

Then we were joined by UFC light-heavyweight Eliot Marshall. We chatted with him about his return to the UFC after being released a year ago, whether he's switched to southpaw for his fight with Luis Cane at UFC 128, what it's like training at Grudge and his retirement plans.

Bloody Elbow Radio returns to the air at 4 p.m. ET Tuesday with guests Nate Marquardt and Eddie Wineland as both prepare for their UFC 128 main card fights.

Don't forget, Bloody Elbow Radio is sponsored by Bad Boy. Bad Boy, the 2010 World MMA Awards winner for "Best Technical Clothing Brand," can be found at and don't forget to check out the newly-released Mauricio Rua UFC 128 walkout T-shirt. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook and tell them Bloody Elbow sent you.

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We first were joined by Beerbohm. Of course, he is known for his pants, thus the nickname "Fancy Pants." His opponent, Aoki, also is know for his collection of colorful pants. 

"I don't think his are anywhere near as fancy as mine, that's for sure. I think his are pretty cool, don't get me wrong, they're not bad, but ... They're not the original fancy pants I don't think. I think mine beat him a little bit. And my mom makes mine. Who makes his?

"One of my training partners told me everybody's going crazy about the fancy pants and all that. I figured that would be it. My mom and I went and looked at fabric and I've found the perfect fabric for this fight. It's going to be the best fabric ever, so it should be pretty entertaining."

Next we were joined by Marshall. He talked about the pressure of trying to make it back to the UFC.

"I don't think there's less pressure in those fights. If you want to get back to the UFC, you for sure can't lose them. If they're saying one or two fights, a couple fights to get back and you lose one of those fights, then you're looking at six or seven fights to get back. You're not looking at one or two anymore, you're looking at a bunch. As far as the pressure goes, right now I feel zero pressure. Absolutely none. I feel great. Whatever happens, happens. The worst thing has already happened to me. I already know what it's like to get cut and all that nonsense. The sun still comes up the next day. What are you going to do? Go out and have some fun."

Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley coverage

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