GSP vs Silva is Bad for the Sport? Cocaine is a helluva drug.

"Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre are the best fighters of all time. But that doesn't mean they need to face each other in the cage. They can exist simultaneously, each vanquishing his foes in the appropriate weight class. This is a sport. We should demand sustained excellence. Demanding two men of disparate size square off isn't sport - it's spectacle. And we are better than that."- Snowden

 "Why are we pushing him into a no win situation?"- Snowden

"Not every time, but enough of the time that it isn't fair to judge a smaller man by his performance against a larger foe."- Snowden

You say you are not a contrarian. I disagree.

On GSP/Penn II:

"St. Pierre pounded, slammed, and kicked him until his friends and family decided he couldn’t take any more. He sent Penn to the hospital. If Penn was a hall-of-famer, one of the most talented men to ever step foot in the Octagon, what does that make GSP?

Simply put, he’s the G.O.A.T. The greatest of all time."- Snowden

So GSP beats BJ, the champion of the lower weight class, and that makes him the GOAT. Not ok to judge a smaller man by his performance against a larger foe, but a larger one against a smaller one? That's GOAT material right there!

 I didn't see any mention about how their fight would be, or was, bad for the sport. It was one of the highest selling UFC PPV's up to that point and had people talking about that fight and the sport for months. Bad for BJ maybe. But bad for the sport? The only thing bad for the sport that came out of that fight was "Greasegate."

Anyway, the 155lb champ vs the 170lb champ was not "Spectacle", but the 170lb champ vs 185lb champ is? And having said this, you really, REALLY see a no-win situation for Georges? More on that shortly.

On Fedor vs Silva:

"This is a good, competitive fight. It's just not a fight dreams are made of. That one will come in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix semifinals, assuming Fedor and Overeem both advance."- Snowden

So it's all good for Fedor to give up 60+lbs for a good, competitive fight, but Georges giving up 10-15lbs come fight time is inconceivable? Weird... I also searched high and low for any opinion you may have had about Randy giving up 60-80lbs to Brock, strangely I couldn't find anything beyond you just reporting the pressers leading up to the fight.

No mention of this in the "Forrests No Mas" moment article, either. Totally ok for Silva to step up and take on Forrest, not only that but in regards to Forrests performance: "Like Duran, he was befuddled by a quicker and more skilled foe." Is this not a possibility for GSP to pull off in a GSP/SIlva fight? You would think that for the GOAT it would be no problem. Personally I think Silva is faster and more skilled, and if you think so too it's ok to say so.

GSP's "No-Win" situation:

 If GSP trouncing the Champion of the lighter class grants him GOAT status (according to SOME), what would a win over Anderson do for him? It would make even the staunchest GSP hater admit that he is the greatest that ever was.

Basically GSP could be known as hands down, without a doubt, 110% across the board as the Greatest Fighter that ever lived.

Nothing wrong with GSP's "Qwan" right now, but that shit would hit the ionosphere with a win over Silva.  

No win? Let's see:

Unprecedented Massive Payday: Check.

Participation in the single biggest MMA fight in history: Check

Validation as the Greatest MMArtist alive, and ever to live: Check

Chance to hold two UFC belts simultaneously: Check

The only man to Hold a Win over Silva in his entire UFC Career: Check

I could go on but I think we're getting the picture here. Saying GSP has nothing to gain by fighting Silva is just absurd.

If he loses? He isn't known as the GOAT, he goes back to WW and reigns supreme, and people forget about the whole "Anderson Incident" within 3 fights. So if he loses, it's business as usual for GSP, Immortal WW Kingpin. Kind of like what happened with BJ.

After GSP/Penn II did the sport take a nosedive? A drop? Even a little "dip"? Or did both BJ and GSP's PPV numbers stay the same, if not increase?

Was BJ's previously current image as the LW destroyer of Worlds tarnished beyond all repair? Or were people still extolling him as P4P after bitchslapping two contenders?

This is the type of fight that would get HUGE mainstream coverage, get the casual to become hardcore for a brief period of time, and bring in a good chunk of new eyeballs that may have never even cared but they just have to see what their one "MMA Friend" is going so apeshit about. Numbers aside, It would raise the bar on what an elite MMA battle is, bringing the best "Athlete" in the business against the deadliest "Killer" we have to offer.

From a business standpoint, a fan's standpoint, and what the fighters themselves have to gain:


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