Shark Fights 14: Matt Horwich Celebrating 'Another Beautiful Day in the Multiverse'

Matt Horwich will meet Danillo Villefort in the main event of Shark Fights 14 on Friday. Photo via

Matt Horwich is one of the most unique fighters in MMA. From his love of quantum physics to his desire to walk the Earth and swim with the river dolphins in the Amazon River, Horwich does things differently than his counterparts.

When it comes time to fight, though, Horwich, a former IFL middleweight champion, is one of the most solid veterans in the sport. He looks to win his second fight in a row Friday when he fights Danillo Villefort in the main event of Shark Fights 14 in Amarillo, Texas.

"I'm looking forward to competing for Shark Fights," Horwich said Tuesday on Bloody Elbow Radio. "It's a great organization and it's good to be back on HDNet. Danillo Villefort's an excellent fighter and jiu-jitsuist. It's an honor to fight him and I'm readier than ever to have my best performance and it's just another beautiful day flowing on the technique. One submission to the next or one combo or takedown to the next or one chord or note to the next in music or one subatomic particle to the next in string theory."

Horwich is one of a kind in mixed martial arts. A UFC veteran, Horwich says it's his big dream to be able to walk the Earth one day, interacting with the various humans and animals the planet has to offer.

"I want to do well enough, have enough money to donate to the orphans and dolphins, preservation and good things," Horwich said. "Be able to travel around and go surfing with B.J. Penn and learn some new jiu-jitsu and hang with Eddie Bravo. It'd be cool to be blessed enough to have some land near Hollywood where I can train here and maybe some land in Seattle, my hometown, and to hang out with Maurice Smith and learn some standup and maybe if it's not too much to ask, a place in Hilo, Hawaii to go surfing with B.J. Penn and see all the interesting dolphins and wildlife there. Someday before I'm ready to kick the bucket in this life, I'd like to swim with the river dolphins in the Amazon River."

Horwich last fought in November, picking up a third-round TKO win over fellow UFC veteran Jake Rosholt. In that fight, Horwich said he got beat up trying to pull guard and go for a leg lock in the first round but rebounded in the second and third rounds.

"I knew he was getting tired," Horwich said. "I told my corner after the round, 'Yeah, I know I lost that round but I'm OK.' The next round, he was tired and I was blessed to stand it up, defend the low single, get to his back and then I spent that round on top. In the third round, I was blessed to finish by TKO from mount, so I was thankful for that outcome. It was a beautiful fight and a blessing to get a win against a stud wrestler by TKO.

"It was kind of like a rope-a-dope. He was expending a lot of energy trying to finish me on the ground, except it was on the ground, so I guess we'll call it a ground-a-dope."

No matter what happens in a fight, you can never count Horwich out. He's never been stopped by strikes in his long career and has made a name for himself by being able to take punishment and keep coming using his superior cardio to outlast his opponents. The Rosholt fight was essentially a microcosm of his career. When it comes to fighting, and more so life, with Horwich, it's all about flowing and potential.

"We're all born into a great story and we all have potential to do great things," Horwich said. "I don't think people like Albert Einstein or Geronimo or B.J. Penn, I don't think God gave them more gifts than you or me, I think they just were blessed to tap into their potential of hard work and faith and good choices. We all have that potential to do great things and inspire millions of people. There's no limits."

At 26-17-1 in his career, Horwich certainly has had his ups-and-downs (including going 2-3 in 2010). Still, the former Team Quest fighter maintains nothing but positive thinking, and really, you'd expect nothing different from him.

"Positive thinking and faith attract a lot of good things," Horwich said. "I know that any doubt or fear of failure is a waste of energy. Fear and doubt are always going to knock at the door but it's a lose-lose situation to let them in. it's definitely a lose-lose situation to invite them to spend the night. I just try to focus on all the great positive things in the universe."


To hear the complete interview with Horwich, listen to Tuesday's edition of Bloody Elbow Radio. The crew also was joined on that show by M-1 Challenge's Tyson Jeffries and Titan Fighting Championships CEO Joe Kelly.

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