Why Gsp vs Anderson Silva won't happen

 Time to rain on some parades.

Georges St. Pierre is now the only name coming out of Dana White’s mouth as he stated he is ready to piss off Yushin Okami, to whom of which was supposedly the next in line to face off against Anderson Silva for the Middleweight title. It would seem however that the dollar signs of putting on the biggest fight of all time are simply too tempting to pass up.

Dana White at the UFC 126 Post Fight Press Conference:

“Yeah, if St. Pierre beats Shields in Toronto, I think we’ll do that fight… GSP is up next for Anderson Silva… It’s looking like we’re going to do this GSP fight. I gotta figure out this (Yushin) Okami thing. So yeah, he’s going to be pissed. The big piece in making this fight (Silva vs. GSP) is where is it going to happen. I don’t know… GSP has to beat … We’re going to do that fight at 185 pounds.”

By now you’re probably thinking to yourself “Okay, yeah, so where is the problem here? Dana White said we’ll see this Superfight moron.”

Well it takes more than just Dana White to make a fight happen. Let’s take a look at why this fight is anything but guaranteed.

Anderson Silva has been being pressed to move up to 205 at recent times since he has seemingly cleaned out the Middleweight division. There is a ton of great matchups for Andy at 205. Question, who wouldn’t want to see Silva vs Evans, Silva vs Rampage, Silva vs Jones, Silva vs Shogun? Exactly. It’s not as if there isn’t any interesting matchups that would sell at Light Heavyweight for Anderson.

On to point number two. Georges St. Pierre is no dummy. As the best Welterweight to grace the sport, Georges St. Pierre (GSP) didn’t get the by making poor decisions. In fact GSP rarely makes mistakes, and it has been so long since he has made one (See Serra vs Gsp 1) that it is hard to picture him making one at all anymore as the 170lb ruler just seems to get more and more aware of his surroundings and continues to make the right choices.

So, would Georges St. Pierre move up to 185lbs and fight the best pound for pound fighter on the Earth, and perhaps of all time, in his (Silva’s) realm in his (Gsp’s) first fight at Middleweight?

Perhaps, but I feel Pierre is much too wise for this. And who could  blame him? It’s Gsp’s job to defeat the best Welterweight the UFC can throw at him. It’s not his job to fight at whatever weight the fans and Dana White want to see him at. If Georges St. Pierre wants to fight at 170lbs that’s where Georges St. Pierre will fight. What’s Dana White going to do, fire him?

Let’s attack this from another angle as well, you know, just to drive the point home. Georges St. Pierre was heard saying that he would want up to a year off to properly make the 185lb weight he would need to compete in. When he said this he had said he would need the time so he could comfortably weigh upwards of 205lbs when not fighting and cut to 185, as to make certain that he isn’t undersized in the weight class.

Another smart move by the smartest man in the sport today.

Now let’s talk age. Anderson Silva is 35, going on 36 in April. THe man has already accomplished all the things necessary to retire as the best Middleweight, perhaps the best fighter of all time. So Georges St. Pierre fights Jake Shields at the end of April, right? Add a year minimum on to that for recovery time, and for his time to properly bulk up. Anderson Silva is now 37, and we are slowly coming to a realization that ‘Daniel Worby pointed out to us way back yonder in the good ole days of 2011.’

Now remember how smart I keep claiming St. Pierre is? Well consider the fact he would most certainly ask for a warmup fight at Middleweight before testing his hands at Anderson Silva. Hell, he may ask for two or 3. By this time Anderson Silva will have had to take at least another fight or two. He would also be pushing 38-39 years old, and no doubt having the thought flow through his head often that he can simply walk away the best there ever was at any time. 

All this and we still haven’t taken into account a possible injury shelving one of the two for a year’s time in a blink of an eye. You know, something like the groin injury that Gsp suffered in his UFC 100 bout against Thiago Alves, that saw the Champ sidelined for approximately a year. Or the surgery Anderson required that saw him out of action for month’s and month’s at a time, and had originally delayed the Vitor Belfort/Chael Sonnen as his next opponent conundrum.

Starting to see the picture?

Oh, and in case you were wondering if I think Georges St. Pierre has what it takes to dethrone the Middleweight King… I do. It’s funny to me that one fight can always make people forget what happened just month’s prior as it isn’t the most recent fight that happened to make a person say “Wow”. Gsp ran through everyone put in his way. Sonnen owned Anderson for 4 and a half rounds. Vitor got embarrassed with a Steven Segal inspired front kick knockout to the face. Am I to believe Georges would suffer the same consequence? Of course not. Gsp’s style more matches that of Sonnen’s. The bright side of that is, that St. Pierre is not accustom to being caught in silly submissions from allowing his confidence to get in the way of what’s the right move to make. If Georges St. Pierre is fighting at a healthy 185lbs, I truly think we would see him emerge victorious.

But for that to happen we would first need to see all of the above go off without a hitch. I hope it happens fight fans, but don’t hold your breath.


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