Superfights - Almost Every Scenario Works Fine

I've been seeing a lot of debate about issues to do with the Silva-GSP superfight and other potential superfights.  I think really, there aren't too many worries.  Let's analyse it:

1) Should Silva fight Okami?  Possible Risk: Okami wins and destroys the value of the Silva-GSP fight.

Analysis: Not a problem.  If Okami beats Silva, Silva is still legendary and probably still considered a better fighter than Okami (depending on how he loses).  Silva vs GSP remains a huge draw.  It still makes for an excellent superfight because they will be still among the top few p4p (even if Okami gets promoted to #1 on that list).  Don't tell me the PPV sales will be, say, less than 80% versus if Andy beats Okami.  I reckon you'll still keep 90% or more of your PPV draw.  And there's a cherry on top: Okami will be the MW champion, having gained some prestige/brandname by beating Anderson, the "best of all time" according to some.  If GSP beats Andy, he gets another superfight vs Okami for the title.  If Andy beats GSP, he could get a rematch with Okami, another potentially big draw.

2) If Jake Shields beats GSP?  Possible Risk: GSP-Silva fight is off due to GSP's lower value after losing.

Analysis: Somewhat complicated as it can lead to various outcomes.  If Jake destroys GSP, it's hard to make a case for GSP getting an immediate rematch.  In this scenario GSP also wouldn't appear to deserve a Silva fight.  BUT:

a) Since we say above that Silva can fight Okami, then if Silva LOSES to Okami, you can have GSP and Silva fight.  Although both have recent losses, the fight will still generate interest.  If GSP beats Silva, he can take on Okami, as above.  If Silva beats Okami while Jake beats GSP, GSP moves up to fight Okami, and if he wins, he can then take on Silva.

b) If Jake and GSP have a close fight but Jake wins, then Jake's fame will increase and the Jake/GSP rematch ought to be pretty big.  Then if Jake wins again, he's now getting pretty famous, would be ranked very high on p4p and would be the guy who can go up to MW for a superfight with Anderson and/or Okami (depending on who's the champ at the time).

c) If GSP decides after a loss to Jake that he should stay at WW, then Silva can fight at LHW, the winner of Shogun/Jones or whoever is the champ by then.  Not quite as big as Silva GSP but you can't force GSP to move up to MW if he doesn't want to...

Overall I think we will still get some great fights.  I don't really like the idea of keeping champs on the shelf waiting for challengers to move up, gain weight, etc.  Hence I think the proposed fights like Okami Silva and GSP Shields ought to go ahead.  Let the chips fall where they will, and do the things outlined above to still get as many good "superfights" as possible.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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