UFC 126 Results: The Fight Fix Talks to Dana White, Jon Jones, Forrest Griffin, Shogun Rua

Dustin Green takes the The Fight Fix to Las Vegas to cover UFC 126. He talks to Jon Jones, Dana White, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Forrest Griffin, Anderson Silva and Donald Cerrone. 

0:43 Jon Jones on Light Heavyweight championship: "I'm very real with the fact that I can be a champion at 23...Like I said, I was just gettin' ready to mimic Shogun. I have been mimicking Shogun and practicing. It's a give-give. So, I..have a pretty darn good clue of what I'm gettin' into and I'm excited about it."

0:57 Dana White on making Jones-Shogun that night: "Right before Jones and Bader came out, him and his team accepted the fight. Then, literally after he won, I walked up into the octagon and told Jon. I said 'Do you wanna take this fight?' And he said 'Yea.'"

1:09 Shogun on Jones' performace vs Bader (translation): "I thought he did pretty well. [In] all of his fights, he is always winning convincingly. And I think he is the guy that deserves the chance to fight for the belt the most right now."

1:33 Forrest Griffin on long layff/winning: "I just anted to win the fight. Hadn't done that in a year. Seemed like a good thing to do. If you wanna be professional fighter in the UFC, you should probably at least win one fight a year. That was my goal. So, I'm already good for the year."

1:51 Anderson Silva kicks Vitor Belfort

1:53  Silva explains the kick (translation): "Last time I did my training amp here, I as training at Black House with Steven Seagal and he helped me a lot with that kick...He perfected it. I did that kick for a long time and he actually helped me perfect it."

2:46 Donald Cerrone on WEC fighters now in the UFC: "Everyone talks about us like being the little brother and I don't think that's true. I think we have a lot of talent in the old WEC that can come over here and make some waves man...Mendes showed it, I showed it. So, I think we definitely have the tools it take to make a splash in the [UFC]."

3:06 Cerrone on who he wants to fight next: "Yea, Cole Miller."

3:11 Cerrone on still wanting to fight Cole Miller: "Just he got beat up don't mean I bet him up! So, I'm comin'."

You can also see The Fight Fix at CSNWashington.com.

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