Understanding Anderson

Anderson Silva will dumb down tonight’s performance. He has to. 

It will be his 5th dumbed down performance.  Genuine efforts of his include fights against Leben, Franklin, Henderson, Lutter, Marquardt, Irvin, and Griffin.  Dumbed down performances include fights with Cote, Leites, Maia, and Sonnen. 

Anderson is capable of winning his fights any way he chooses, so he does.  Sometimes he chooses to take his protests with the UFC into the octagon.

When asked what a furious Dana White said to him about his Maia performance, Silva replied, “Anderson, I love you.” ( at 3:00)

He has a purpose when he dumbs down his performances and tonight’s purpose is two-fold: to show loyalty to his Brazilian friend and, two, to set up a GSP fight.

Silva is loyal to his Brazilian fighting heritage and dislikes being forced to fight fellow Brazilians.  However, as Dana White recently said, the UFC is a major league which uses contracts to make fighters fight one another who would normally refuse – such a Belfort and Silva, both of whom took turns calling off two previously unwanted engagements .  Thus, White fears a staring contest tonight.  But that won’t happen.  Silva learned from Sonnen.   If you make the fight appear exciting and you win, you are a hero.  If you purposely make a fight boring but win, and you are not GSP, then you are vilified.

The last time Silva tried to get a GSP fight, he purposely weighed in at 182, and mocking GSP, greased himself in the cage before the Leites fight and proceeded to look unimpressive for 5 rounds.

GSP didn’t buy it.  And Dana White quickly admonished Silva as being undeserving of a GSP event and payday.

After this debacle, Silva had to make it up to the UFC with a spectacular finish over Griffin, unfortunately following that performance, the GSP fight was called off due to Silva being too big according to White.

After moving up two times to 205 and cleaning out the 185 division, Silva was still yet to be recognized by the UFC in the same way that GSP was with awards and promotional support, all the while not moving from 170.

Things changed after the Sonnen Show.  Silva won Fight of the Year honors and was praised by White, who promised him another effort at getting a GSP super fight.

Tonight’s fight is not about Belfort and Silva animosity, it’s about the two Brazilians helping each other out to further their careers in some acceptable fashion, given that the UFC is a major league bent on making fights happen against friends and other enemies.

The “Show” Anderson promised in the weigh-in will be exciting, although no one will get knocked out or injured, and Silva will win a back and forth fight, most likely by submission, but ideally by spilt decision.

Bring on GSP- If you can find him when the time comes.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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