What you dont know about the fight between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort. PART 1


"Você ta fudido. Se vai levar muita porrada, ta ligado?" - Anderson Silva

"You're fucked. I'm going to beat the shit out of you, you know that?" - Anderson Silva



From poster Ogridum. Thanks for the info man.


Ive seen many posts and buss regarding "what is going on between Anderson Silva and Vitor", so I decided to share with you guys what is going on. I have some pieces of the puzzles you guys dont have, notably, the access to portuguese language, forums and the exposure to the brazilian media. I also happen to know a lot of the background situation in the camps and witnessing how fighters acted/said/behaved during a relativelly large time frame. So when you guys look at Anderson and dont "get it", but you feel that there is "something going on". Every human being is sensitive enough to know that there is "something going on". IF YOU WANT TO KNOW/CARE "WHAT IS GOING ON", and feel that this might increase the satisfaction from watching the fight and its consequences afterwards, this is the topic.

Back in UFC Brazil, when Vitor Belfort knocked out Wand, Anderson still trained with Chute Boxe.
At that time, Chute Boxe had many prospects and Anderson wasnt even named. This is back into 1998.
Anderson first fight was in 2000, on Mecca I. Anderson got accepted on Chute Boxe after two amateur Vale Tudo fights.
Vitor Belfort's fight with Wanderlei Silva was in 1998. Two years before Anderson Silva even came to Chute Boxe.
At the time Anderson Silva came to Chute Boxe, there were already fighters with more "prestige" in the team. Obviously, he wasnt the focus.

This video shows the Chute Boxe camp back into 1998, right after UFC Brasil event. They interview many fighters, they talk a lot of their better prospects, show them training, etc... You can see many famous names there, its all about the Chute Boxe roots. If you pay close atention you can see Anderson Silva training in the back a few times.
YouTube - Chute Boxe no Passando a Guarda em 1998

Anderson was nobody. He was just an outsider at that point. He still hadnt learned how to use his reach with Pele, and just started to learn Muay Thai. 

At the end of that video, you saw Wanderlei talking about Belfort and you can see/hear it: "Its not going to remain this way, Im going to get revenge, this is not over yet, I have a lot more to show" 

Chute Boxe rivalries with other camps were legendary. Their mentality was akin to military. 

Vitor Belfort won the belt in 1997 at 19 years old. He was the phenomn and his popularity skyrocketed. Vitor Belfort influenced a generation, he was on the media 10 times more than any other brazilian fighter. His popularity was unanimous. Everybody wanted to be like Vitor Belfort, train jiu jitsu, and hit the weights. Vitor was marketed as a golden boy, a golden mine. He came from an above average wealth family, in Brazil you could easily put him in the minorities. He had everything, he was young, pretty, famous, godly phisique, the champion. Nothing compared to him.

Then when his sister disappeared, he got even more media attention, it became a national known drama happening live, he appeared on main television station from often making appeals for information on his sister. People empathised with him. You can find his appearances on Brazilian national television on youtube, hundreds of them.

Other fighters just appeared on closed televisions, or publishing magazines, but not Vitor Belfort. People admired him and some were jealous of him.

After he defeated Wanderlei Silva, a really bad blood started against Belfort from Chute Boxe, whenever they talked about him. At that point, everybody in the gym were subject to abstract the hate against Belfort, but that is just the start of it.

Many years later, after Chute Boxe started to crack, with many fighters leaving, Belfort went to train with CHute Boxe. At that time, Wand had just moved to US and was near the fighter with Chuck Liddel, he made his website and posted a serious of videos of him talking about everything that was happening on his life, showing his house and about other fighters and the general MMA scene, on the subject of "Vitor Belfort training with Chute Boxe, he commented "Vitor training with Chute Boxe??? Vitor, who saw you back then huh? And who see you know... people wouldnt believe it. Those video blogs might still be in Wand website or youtube. This goes to show the severity of the rivalry.

It was something UNTHINKABLE to Vitor Belfort train with Chute Boxe. YouTube - Vitor Belfort treina na Chute Boxe
Vitor was and remained an enemy for a long time. 

Some people dont understand this "enemy" mentality. I will put it briefly... in Brazil there are many good fighters and they have to fight against themselfs and only the best have a chance to go to US or Japan. There was a thick bootleneck for brazilian fighters untill not long ago. Having the opportunity to fight on US and Japan meant a lot, it still mean a lot, because winning in Brazil doesnt count, you couldnt and still cant make money here. This is slightly changing, but its subject to another topic.

Anderson Silva was never the favorite puppy of Chute Boxe, its was an incredible camp and there he was just an average guy, a begginer, people were doing him a favour in letting him train there. He had to work on Macdonalds, serving a lot of rich kids, or playboys with their fancy clothes and arrogant behaviour, always looking down on him because he is black. Prejudice in the south states of Brazil is STRONG. He wasnt just black, he was poor, he was just another nobody with a very strong sense of self. He trained unbelievably hard, he did his best and still he didnt saw a light, an opportunity. He wasnt satisfied with the situation. Its subject to another topic as well, but just to say it briefly Rudimar Fedrigo, the head leader of Chute Boxe was a very dictator/autoritarian/shady guy, he did what he had to do and didnt asked people oppinion, he didnt let other people judge his decisions, he was keeping the power to himself all the time, thats how he went in history from all the fighters that left, the Fedrigo wasnt straight enough to lead/manage them.

On Chute Box, Anderson won a few fights on a minor event in Curitiba, got a contract to fight on Shooto in Japan, after winning Shooto he got opportunity to fight on Pride and after he lost to Daiju Takase on Pride, UFC offered a contract to him wich was denied by Fedrigo for shady reasons (to keep with the shady deals he had with the Japanese, in UFC, Anderson would get paid directly in his name, but in Japan, who got the money was Rudimar and the fighters didnt even know what they were signing, so in order to keep that strong rule over the money and fighters Rudimar denied the opportunity of Andersons life at the time), Anderson discovered that and got pissed... not long after, him and many other fighters started to question the way Rudimar Fedrigo did things, a considerable group of Chute Boxe fighters were unsatisfied and left. This is also on the news on the net, the names of the fighters who left, the reasons they left, etc.

Anderson's path was rough, he had to bounce into minor events in Brazil. Differently from Vitor Belfort, wich was on "Casa dos Artistas 2" (like a big brother for famous people in Brazil), where he was very popular, where he started dating Joana Prado (the playboy record seller in Brazil, the hottest and most desired woman by far at the time). Belfort had everything, money, famous, prestige, was in the big events, had the woman everybody was talking about and sharing the playboys and Anderson' life was pure shit.

You see, where Vitor had a craddle, was trained by Carlson Gracie, got straight into big events, won it very young, and lost only to Randy, got mislead into going to Pride where he lost to Sakuraba (who at the time was rampaging over people) and then back to UFC, he lost to Chuck Liddel, wich at the time was also rampaging over people. 
It was only right after winning the belt of the light heavyweight of the UFC over Randy Couture that his sister got kidnapped, and from there on, everything went downhill for him, 5 loses in 7 fights. But on the otherside, ironically this skyrocketed Vitor Belforts popularity again on the media, but this time even the housewifes knew who he was and what Vale Tudo was. (Yeah, in Brazil they use famous people drama in their lifes to sell, and Vitor used the media trying to find his sister).

It was only in 2007 that the drama of his sister disappearance started to get settled. What happened basically is that they dont know for sure, one woman confessed, but in Brazil, woman end up confessing crimes of a bunch of men to protect them and stuff, so it does not proved anything and nothing happened, the mistery didnt got solved, but during this time or right after, they got an anonymous lead/information that felt very detailed/solid that his sister had been kidnapped, saw the faces of the kidnappers and end up killed, the actual story of how it all went is very sadistic and traumatic and its not the point of the thread, but knowing this was enough for him to get a closure on the episode, he could find peace, that was important to him. But in the meantime... Anderson' lifes started to change as well, he was already kicking Rich Franklin ass for the second time, solidifying his position as the champion, and even before that we already started hearing being hyped as the P4P best fighter in the world.

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