UFC 126 Fight Predictions

Main Card

Miguel Torres v. Antonio Banuelos 

       Miguel Torres needs to get a win here to get back on track after dropping two of his last three. Since those loses Torres has revamped his training camp, opting to work with respected trainers Marc DellaGrotte and Firas Zahabi instead of his usual self-coaching methods. This will make Torres all the more dangerous in his octagon debut against Banuelos. Banuelos is a strong fighter, but does not quite has the skill set to threaten Torres on the ground or standing. Torres has a remarkably better submission game, so if Banuelos wants to keep this one close, he should make this a striking battle. I don't expect that to change the outcome though, as I see Miguel winning this one via 2nd round submission.

Jake Ellenberger v. Carlos Rocha

           This is an interesting fight as respected welterweight Ellenberger looks to hand Carlos Rocha his first MMA loss. Rocha's game-plan going into this fight is simple, get Ellenberger to the ground and submit him. Carlos has finished eight of his nine opponents by submission, with seven of those wins coming in the first round. That being said, I don't think that Carlos will be as successful in this fight as Jake will have certainly spent the majority of his training camp finding ways to neutralize Rocha's submission game. Rocha is a one-trick pony and if Ellenberger can dictate the style of this fight, he should walk away with the win. I expect Jake Ellenberger to win this fight via TKO in the first round.

Jon Jones v. Ryan Bader 

          This is a very tough fight to call as both these fighters have looked spectacular in their previous bouts. While Jon Jones has torn through his last opponents, we have yet to see him fight off his back. This may be an issue for Jones as Ryan Bader will likely be able to use his superior wrestling to get multiple takedowns. While Jones does have strong wrestling, and has certainly faired well against wrestlers thus far, none of those fighters had the strength, power and explosiveness of Ryan Bader. Jon Jones will need to use his unorthodox stand-up to catch Bader, and his wrestling to avoid the takedown as much as possible if he is going to win this fight. I'm torn, but I think that Jon Jones' elusiveness will match Ryan Bader's power and Jones will walk away with the TKO victory.

Forrest Griffin v. Rich Franklin

          Another tough fight to call, both Forrest Griffin and Rich Franklin are trying to use this fight to catapault themselves back into title contention. I think Franklin matches up well with Forrest, as Forrest has shown that he is susceptible to strong strikers. Well that might be the case, Griffin is a very good game-planner and if he can use his leg kicks and jab to keep Franklin's combinations in check, he could walk away with a victory. I think Franklin is the better overall fighter and I think if he can land a few hard shots and shake Forrest's confidence, than he will get the better of him. I expect Franklin to walk away with a unanimous decision victory.


          I don't think this fight is as even as the UFC is making it out to be. While Vitor is a strong striker, Anderson simply outclasses him as both a boxer and a Muay Thai fighter. Vitor's gameplan is going to be to stand and bang with Silva, and I cannot see this working out in his favour. I honestly believe that the only way anyone is going to beat Silva anytime soon is to fight the way Lutter, Henderson and Sonnen fought, wrestling Silva to the ground and pounding out a decision win. I don't see Vitor doing any such thing so I expect Silva to finish this fight standing. I'm expecting a 3rd round KO victory for Anderson "the spider" Silva.


Donnald Cerrone v. Paul Kelly - Cerrone via Sub.

Chad Mendes v. Michihiro Omigawa - Mendes via UD.

Kid Yamamoto v. Demetrious Johnson - Yamamoto via TKO.

Paul Taylor v. Gabe Ruediger (yes, THE Gabe Ruediger) - Paul Taylor via  UD.

Kyle Kingsbury v. Ricardo Romero - Ricardo Romero via Sub.

Mike Pierce v. Kenny Roberston - Kenny Roberston via Sub.

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