Yes, Michael Bisping Does Deserve My Scorn

I don't have an awful lot of time so I'm going to make this quick.

Consider the following to be a response to Jonathan Snowden's article UFC 127 Results: Michael Bisping Does Not Deserve Your Scorn:

First, let me say that I have no problem with Michael Bisping intentionally spitting on anyone in Jorge Rivera's corner.

When you talk smack, and especially when you take it as far as Rivera's camp did, you lose the ability to complain when your intended target gets mad and retaliates. I'm not saying Bisping's actions were classy or appropriate, but I don't blame him for taking the chance to get his digs in at Rivera's team.

Rivera and his camp did not show any class leading up to the fight so they certainly weren't entitled to be respected by Bisping after the fight. If Bisping wanted to make nice and be the bigger man, fine. But it was not required.

Now, on to the knee, and why Michael Bisping does indeed deserve my scorn. 

When I was watching the fight, I though the illegal knee was intentional. I though Bisping took his time in setting it up, which indicates that he wasn't just caught up in the adrenaline-fueled action of a grudge match. 

But regardless of whether the knee was intentional or not, remember what Bisping did while the medical team was assessing Jorge.

He was clapping his hands together and waving them in the air, celebrating like he was named champion of the world - a detail the MMA media somehow missed in virtually all articles I've seen covering the affair.

If Bisping had at that moment just cleanly (as in with no illegal blows) won the fight, he could have done the whole Tito Ortiz gravedigger routine for all I cared. But no, he was celebrating knocking his opponent down with a blatantly illegal blow. 

If that's not worthy of scorn, somebody please tell me what is.

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