March Is An Absolutely Stacked Month For MMA.

Is March great or what?  I'm not just talking about the weather starting to get a bit warmer I'm talking about this huge month of mma.


Maybe one of the best months of mma in recent memory.  Sure other months have had two UFC PPV, a SF show, Dream shows etc but this month is looking really good for a few reasons.


First UFC 128.  This show is stacked top to bottom, this is a really great card.  Barboza/Njokuani, Benavidez, Almeida/Pyle, Kurt/Tibau, Koch/Assouncao, Shaub/Cro Cop, Nate/akiyama, Miller/Kamal, Wineland/Faber BW number 1 contender fight and the great main event for the LHW title, SHogun/Jones.  Talk about a great card with a great main event.


SF Hendo/Feijao.  Solid card, good main event, female title fight I dont care about really.  You also have Kennedy/Melvin which is a good fight and Billy E vs Masvidal which is also a good fight.  Solid card with three good fights on it.


UFC Versus card.  Filled with so me good fights, quality card free on Versus.


Bellator, this is what makes the difference to me.  Sure a great UFC, good SF, another good UFC show thats a good month already but what really pushes it to the top is Bellator.

This is def the best Bellator season to date, the FW, LW and WW div are stacked with some great prospects.  Mix in the champ Eddie vs Curran, other champs like Lombard, Askren have fights.  Expect Fun Size, Konrad and Warren to also fight in non title fights.  Maybe Warren/Sandro?  They signed Ronnie Mann.  SO not only the great tournament fights but also one title fight and the other champions will be in action this season.


UFC FIght NIght 24.  Davis/Nogs, Hardy/Rumble. Nam/Carcia all good fights.  Undercard has some fights, Madsen/Russow, McDonald/Pace, thats the fight I want to see, Michael McDonald is one of the top two BW prospects in the UFC along with Renan Barao.   Bang, Amir, McCorkle, Hathaway, McCray, Bruce Leroy, Miranda.  Very solid Spike fight night.


TUF 13 debut with Brock and JDS.


Thurs March 3rd  -  UFC Versus 3

Sat March 5th -  Bellator debut, WW tournament and SF Hendo/Feijao

Sat March 12th - Bellator LW

Sat March 19th - Bellator FW and UFC 128

Sat March 26th - Bellator LHW  and UFC Fight Night 24

Wed March 30th -  TUF 13 Brock/JDS debut


So what a great upcoming month for mma fans.  Enjoy.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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