Cage Warriors 40 Live Results and Commentary


Update: Stream is now LIVE

Join us Saturday afternoon at 2:45 p.m. ET (7:45 p.m. GMT) for Cage Warriors 40, taking place at the HMV Forum in London, England. Watch for FREE by signing up to the stream hosted at Cage Warriors website (click here). The card features a main event showdown as England's Rosi Sexton takes on America's Roxanne Modaferri as both are coming off of KO losses in Bellator and Strikeforce respectively and look to climb back to the top of the Super Flyweight 125lbs class.

The headline bout is also supported by a Bantam Weight title fight in the form of defending champion Scotland based Northern Irish Paul McVeigh vs challenger Germany's Andreas Bernhard.

Don't forget. 2:45 p.m. ET on Saturday afternoon, right before UFC 127 kicks off later in the evening. 

Full card after the jump

If the stream falters, or if you're unable to watch you can get updates from the official Cage Warriors twitter page @CageWarriors

Cage Warriors 40 coverage

Rosi Sexton Rosi Sexton VS Roxanne Modafferi Roxanne Modafferi (Super Flyweight 125lbs)
Round 1: Modafferi comes up forward and Sexton circles around. Modafferi has Sexton clinched up against the fence and both are pummeling with Sexton managing to circle out and then drive Modafferi into the cage and tries to get a single leg hooked for a takedown. Modafferi blocks and spins Sexton back against the cage and Sexton reverses before being revsed again. sexton back in control and attempts a foot stomp. Modafferi reverses again. This could be described as a fence clinch scramble at this point. Constant work from both fighters Modafferi is noticeable bigger. Modafferi using her height and strength to push Sexton against the fence and Sexton attempts to counter with a hip throw but doesn't quite complete it. Tiring pace for the first round we;ll see if they can keep it up as the fight goes on. Sexton attempting to take Modafferi's back but Modafferi able to pummel back. Sexton eventually gets the take down with a little GNP to the body as the round ends. Very close round, possibly 10-10 or Sexton 10-9 from the take down.

Round 2: Modafferi attempts a high front kick but misses. Throws a kick to the body and is caught and Sexton drives her into the fence. Again pummelling and switching position against the fence. Modafferi in control but Sexton throwing punches back. Sexton now in control against the fence with an underhook and wrist control. Sexton manages a takedown and drives Modafferi into the fence. Sexton tries to go to the mount but gets bucked as Modafferi turns her back but Sexton doesn't try to take it. Back to the feet and Sexton gets another take down and is working inside Modafferi's guard. Modafferi busy from the bottom with Sexton GNPing the body. Modafferi is setting up an armbar from guard against the cage but Sexton is safe for now and is hooking Modafferi's head to stop extension. Rosi surviving while standing and stacking Modafferi against the fence but her arm is still trapped. Sexton has her arm free and is working for North South while Modafferi tries to block with an inverted guard. Modafferi looking for a leglock with 10 seconds left but Sexton is able to defend as the round ends. Modafferi threatens off her back, but Sexton scored with takedowns and GNP from top. 10-9 Sexton by my score.

Round 3: Sexton runs forward throwing punches, and Modafferi throws some more of her own. Brief clinch against the fence and then back on the ground in Modaferri's guard. Sexton risking standing and throwing strikes from an active guard by Modafferi. Modaferri gets back to her feet and eats a punch from Sexton before Sexton drives forward into the fence and a clinch before trying to take Modafferi's back. Back to the clinch with Modafferi in control and Sexton reversing again. Modafferi pulls guard against the fence and they';re now on the floor. Modafferi tries to work for an armbar again but Sexton keeps out of it and it's back to standing and clinching. Attempted trip by Modafferi but Sexton blocks and gets her on the ground. Modafferi tries a triangle and omoplata but Sexton blocks and they;re back on their feet. powerful clinch lifting takedown from Sexton. Modafferi has a very high closed guard now as Sexton tripods. Modafferi has snaked on a triangle and is trying to tighten to finish. Sexton keeping her stacked and defending. Sexton keeping her balance and survived to the end of the round. Again hard to call, but I'll give it 10-9 for Modafferi this time.

Winner - Rosi Sexton by Unanimous Decision with scored 30-27, 30-27 and 30-29. I personally scored it 29-28 Sexton or 29-29 draw with one round each and a drawn first round.

Paul McVeigh Paul McVeigh VS Andreas 'Minigun' Bernhard Andreas 'Minigun' Bernhard (Bantam Weight Title Fight)
Round 1: Fight starts with McVeigh backing up the much shorter Bernhard. Bernhard fires a couple of punches forward and backs up out of range of McVeigh. McVeigh continues forward and clinches him against the fence with a full Muay Thai plumm lands some shots until Bernhard pummels and reverse position. Very odd to see the taller McVeigh clinched up with the 5'1" Bernhard. Bernhard break and they throw some strikes including a spinning back kick by Bernhard aiming high. McVeigh continues to back Bernhard with neither coming off the better. McVeigh throws a knee as Bernhard changes level and McVeigh is hitting Bernhard presse dup against the fence. Bernhard hesistant to get back to his feet and eats a couple of knees when he does. McVigh as an over under clinch against the femce and lands the occasional punsh to the body. McVeigh lands a standing elbow at the end of the round. Close until that knee from McVeigh, should be 10-9 in his favour.

Round 2: McVeigh comes forward and works a jab to back Bernhard up. Bernhard drops level and shoots but telegraphs it and is stuffed. McVeigh back him to the fence and takes him down. Bernhard throws his legs up looking for an armbar but McVeigh passes to side control.  McVeigh shifts hips to Kesagatame (Scarf Hold) and throws from shots before transitioning to mount. Bernhard trying to hold on while mounted McVeigh breaks grip and postures up looking for some GNP with punches. McVeigh looking to press down an arm possibly for a submission attempt but Bernhard breaks free. McVeigh maintains mount as Bernhard turns to his side and does nothing but cover up from punches from McVeigh. Referee stops the fight. Winner  - Paul McVeigh by TKO Round 2

Joseph Duffy Joseph Duffy VS Tom Maguire Tom Maguire (Light Weight)
Round 1: Duffy starts the fight with some punches and kicks before scoring a trip and getting Maguire to the ground. Duffy works his way to Half Guard and lands an elbow on top of Maguire. Duffy passed and briefly has Head and Arm Kesagatame before switching to Side Control. Back to Kesagatame and tries to mount but doesn't get it. Duffy gets mount and takes the back and as Maguire bucks Dufy attempts an armbar. Duffy trying for a Brabo choke from his back but Maguire is able to spin around on the floor and not let it get sunk in. Duffy is back on top though and into mount and Maguire is clearly out of his depth. Duffy moves from mount to side control and has the head underhooked and looked as if he may be trying to setup a stockade by controlling the wrist. Duffy gets mount and locks a shallow triangle and then goes to his back throws some elbows and tightens the triangle up for a finish. Winner - Joseph Duffy by Submission (Triangle choke) Round 1.

Antanas Jazbutis Antanas Jazbutis VS Graham Turner Graham Turner (Feather Light Weight due to Danny Batten pulling out against Turner)
Round 1: Touch gloves and Turner throws a leg kick and then an over hand right followed by another right leg kick. Jazbutis clinches but Turner gets underhooks and a slam. They're momentarily on the floor but back up and clinching against the fence. Turner in control but Jazbutis reverses against the fence, reversal again and Turner again throws Jazbutis to the ground but can't keep him there.  Clinch against the fence with Turner in control landing knees and pushing his weight on Jazbutis although he naturally outweighs Turner. Jazbutis throws a spinning kick and gets his supporting leg kicked out from him Turner in Jazbutis guard keeping his posture and landing measured GNP while Jazbutis tries to get wrist control only. Jazbutis is cut open from the GNP and Turner continues to land shots from withing the guard. Jazbutis continues to take shots and is only using wrist control, a drawback of Gi only BJJ perhaps. Turner passes to half guard and tries to setup a Brabo choke but the time runs out. Dominant round by Turner, 10-9 easily by my score.

Round 2: Round starts with an inside leg kick and circling. Referee pauses the fight after a low blow from Turner, Jazbutis catches his breath and the fight continues. Jazbutis attempts an incredibly poor takedown that is easily stuffed and Turner spins him into the fence and throws some knees from clinch to the body and legs. Turner tries to power him down to the mat but ends up underneath Jazbutis. Jazbutis works in Turner's Guard but isn't doing any damage and Turner is holding on to him well but no movement from him on bottom. Turner may be looking to stall and hope for a stand up from the referee which he eventually gets. Back to the feet and Turner throws a leg kick. Turner with cage control  backing  Jazbutis up against the fence but allows him to circle out and along it. Turner looks to be finding range and trying to set Jazbutis up. A few strikes from Turner and he's following Jazbutis more than trying to cut him off and throws a head kick right at the buzzer to end round 2. Closer round, 10-9 to turner by a hair.

Round 3: Turner immediately controls the cage and backs Jazbutis up. Jazbutis comes in with a 1-2 but again is being backed up by Turner. Turner lands a right knee that Jazbutis walks into dropping him and Turner goes into his guard and tries some GNP. Jazbutis trying to use his guard to keep Turner away but failing. Again trying to control the wrists of Turner but Turner is able to land shots from standing. Turner back down into Jazbutis guard and Jazbutis continues to fail to get control. Turner works the body as well as the head with GNP and is picking his shots carefully rather than going all out. They're now against the fence with Turner in control and still keeping his shots short and sharp. Turner clearly wins that round and should win the fight 30-27. Winner - Graham Turner by Unanimous Decision 30-28, 30-27, 30-26 (one 10-10 round from one judge, one 10-8 from another)

Brett Sizeland VS   Tony Machado (Middle Weight)
Round 1: Sizeland tries to come in with a hard punch, Machado wobbles him with a leg kick and a straight punch, they clinch and Machado drops him with a knee and punches him while turtling. Back and forth, back to their feet and Machado drops Sizeland again and goes into his guard and immediately passes to half guard while continuing to pound. Machado wants it back to his feet, Machado lands a head kick clinches and drops him with knees to the body before followed by hard elbows ground and pound which leads to a finish for Machado. Winner - Tony Machado TKO Round 1

Ashleigh Grimshaw VS Ismael Padavia (Feather Weight)
Round 1: Touch gloves at the start, feeling each other out with no strikes thrown bar one from Padavia. Some circling by Grimshaw and a leg kick from Padavia followed by another shortly latter but not much going on. Padavia comes in with a 1-2 and now they're circling. Grimshaw telegraphs a looping hook, Padavia changes levels shoots and takes him down to into his half guard. Pass to side control, attempts a knee on belly but Grimshaw explodes up and they're back to their feet. Grimshaw looking to set up some punches against Padavia but is out of range. Padavia shoots but Grimshaw sprawls easily and they're back to their feet. Attempted head kick from Padavia but it grazes at best, tries to shoot in and again Grimshaw sprawls easily. In the clinch and Grimshaw explosive with a side suplex to take it to the mat. Padavia regains guard, looks to use Rubber Guard briefly, back to closed guard and back to Rubber Guard possibly looking for an Omoplata. End rounds with Grimshaw in his guard. Close round but the solid slam from Grimshaw gets him 10-9 on my score cards.

Round 2: A little less tentative at the beginning of this round with a short flurry of punches and a kick thrown from Padavia. Padavia tries to shoot, gets sprawled on but pulls Half-Guard. Grimshaw looking heavy on top but Padavia looks to regain full guard. Padavia trying Rubber Guard  again but isn't progressing past mission control. Grimshaw pops out and lands a couple of strikes but is pulled back down into a poor Rubber Guard. Grimshaw manages to jump pass the guard to side control and both spin with Padavia regaining guard and again working Mission Control from Rubber Guard. Referee stands the fight back up and Padavia throws a leg kick. More feeling each other out, a left hook from Padavia and a telegraphed takedown which is again sprawled on and again he pulls guard. Grimshaw passes to Half Guard Padavia regains and tries Rubber Guard again but without being near to a submission. Round ends with Grimshaw in Padavia's guard. Close, but no submission attempts and Grimshaw working more on passing. my score 10-9 to Grimshaw.

Round 3: Touch gloves for the beginning of the third and final round. Leg kick from Padavia but appears to be checked. Grimshaw is backing Padavia up towards the fence and is controlling the distance. A few strikes from each including a superman punch from Grimshaw.  Grimshaw throws a kick, gets it caught and eats a right punch. But appears unphased. Grimshaw appears to be winning the round with cage control though Padavia shoots in and almost skids right under Grimshaw as he sprawls. Padavia gets the takedown and works inside Grimshaw's Guard. Grimshaw attempts a Kimura from bottom and uses it to sweep and is on top of Padavia who quickly works to regain guard. Padavia again attempts rubber guard but isn't doing anything beyond the first stage and is just holding him there. Grimshaw postures up and lands some shots and Padavia pulls him back down. After not much work the referee stands them back up with 30 seconds left. Grimshaw presses forward and lands a leg kick, Padavia with a left hook and then a high kick but Grimshaw ends the round with a short combo. Close fight but I'd score the fight 30-27 to Grimshaw. Let's see what the judges make of it.

Winner - Ashley Grimshaw Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-28 (possibly a 10-10 draw for round 2)

Arni Isaksson VS  Kevin Reed (Welter Weight)
Round 1: Touch gloves at the start of the round, left hook by Reed but otherwise feeling each other hand measuring with strong jabs. Reed shoots in and takes down Arni. Arni attempting a switch but Reed driving in. Against the cage on the floor Arni is trying to post and get back to his feet and succeeds but Reed drops in and gets another takedown but spinning him into the middle of the mat. Reed locks up a guillotine and pulls Half-Guard which may have been a mistake. Arni gets his head out and is now controlling on top, looking to lock a choke himself. One their knees head to head with Arni still looking for a front choke a slight scramble and Reed powers his way into an attempted takedown and drives Arni into the fence. They break and strike momentarily before Reed shoots in hard but Arni sprawls and locks up a a Brabo choke but it's not fully in. Attempts to rotate into him but Reed perseveres and powers out. Arni on top and tries a mounted guillotine but is bucked off into guard, and Arni passes to side control as the round ends. Close round but Arni dominated when Reed tried to pull guard. My score is 10-9 to Arni.

Round 2:  Round starts with a shot from Reed that's blocked and the fight ends up on the ground where Arni easily works his way to mount. Arni bucked off and knee on belly to Reed who looks like he might be gassing. Arni with a side control and to an easy mount to back mount and Reed looks like a fish now. Works for a Rear Naked Choke at first then transitions to an Arm Triangle which he eventually finishes. Winner - Arni Isaksson by Submission (Arm Triangle) Round 2

Brad Wheeler VS  Hayden Critchfield (Light Weight)
Round 1: Both go to the center and start with a flurry of hands, a kick and then a knee before they both clinch and end up against the fence. Wheeler has double underhooks against the fence and looking to throw down Critchfield against the fence. Some dirty boxing by Critchfield. Wheeler relentless in attempting to get it to the floor but to no avail. Some pummeling and then they break and back to the center of the ring. Wheeler charges in and tries to muscle Critchfield to the ground, manages to take his back standing. It goes to the ground and Wheeler locks up a rear naked choke quickly for the win. Winner - Brad Wheeler by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1.

Pat Vickers VS  Ian Entwistle (Light Weight)
Round 1: Entwistle attempts a large left hook off the bat, Vickers tries to shoot and Entwistle locks up a hard standing guillotine with Pat Vickers going unconscious on his feet. Winner  - Ian Entwistle by Tecnical Submission (Standing Guillotine) Round 1

Charlie Leary VS  Aaron Thomas  (Welterweight)
Round 1:Both go to the centre of the ring and fee each other out. Quick takedown and side control by Thomas. Leary recovers half guard and shoulder pressure from Thomas attempting to pass. Leary tries to get to his feet and takedown but Thomas spins and takes his back with both hooks in but no upper body control. Now both are on their back and Thomas has control looking for a choke. Back to turtle and some GNP, then rolling to the back and trying a choke again. Back to turtle and more GNP from Thomas to set up a choke but Leary is defending and rolling. Thomas is unable to flatten. Thomas briefly flirts with mount and tries some GNP, back to the back and tries an armbar but then back to full hooks and Leary manages to survive the round. My score clear 10-9 to Thomas.

Round 2:  Feeling out again at the beginning of this round with Leary keeping his distance. Thomas manages a Judo hip throw with his leg kicking back and it's on the mat again. A quick scramble and they're head to head with Thomas on top. Thomas spins to take the back of Leary and gets his hooks in. Thomas being more methodical and looking to set up a choke. Thomas has his legs crossed and Leary is trying to put pressure on them. Thomas rolls Leary over and tries to flatten him out. Leary is back to his knees again, Thomas attempts to flatten him out again. Thomas is picking his shots to make sure he's not hitting the back of the head and it looks like Thomas may be setting up an armbar from the back with his shin on the back of the head. Gets a roll almost loses the arm but eventually works for a belly down armbar for the Tap. Winner - Aaron Thomas Submission (armbar) Round 2

Mark Fry VS  Paul 'Diesel' Kingdon (Light Weight)
Round 1: Quick kick from Kingdon and a rush for a takedown towards the fence from Fry. Eventual takedown to side control and a quick scramble with a near reversal. Back against the fence and Fry gets another takedown to side control. Kingdon attempts a fence walk but is stopped. Kingdon tries to gain half guard but now side control further away from fence for Fry. Attempted knees from side control, Kingdon gets guard and gets back to his feet. Fry gets it back to the fence and gets the takedown. Nearly leaves his head for a guillotine but Kingdon doesn't have it fully locked up.Half Guard with Fry dominating on top with some ground and pound. Attempts to get back to feet but Fry is able to keep on top and keep him on the mat. Kingdon holds on to half guard and Fry peppers with shots as the first round ends. My score 10-9 to Fry.

Round 2: Kingdon attempts a jumping kick off the bell but telegraphs it and Fry gets an easy takedown. Fry attempting a standing guard pass against the fence. Kingdon looks like he's attempting a scissor sweep from half guard but didn't really have anything. Fry gets full mount and Kingdon attempts to buck nearly giving up his back. Elbows from Fry in the mount but mostly being blocked. Referee Neil Hall is looking very close. Fry continues to elbow down on Kingdon's arms but due to no other defense or attempt to escape referee Neil Hall stops the fight. Winner - Mark Fry by TKO Round 2.
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