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Join us Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. ET for BAMMA 5, taking place at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England. The card will feature a main event showdown between Paul Daley and Yuya Shirai. Also on the card, UFC veterans Ricco Rodriguez and James McSweeney will match up against each other along with appearances by Xavier Foupa-Pokam, Alex Makhonin, and touted Brazilian prospect Claudio Henrique da Silva.

The card is available for viewing with a generous payment of $10 at BAMMA's website. If you aren't willing to fork over the cash or only have interest in the results, is the place to be as I'll be providing live play-by-play and commentary throughout the event.

Don't forget. 4:00 p.m. ET on Saturday afternoon, right before UFC 127 kicks off later in the evening.

Main Event - Welterweight: Paul Daley (26-9-2) vs. Yuya Shirai (20-8):

Round 1: Shirai comes out kicking, trying to keep Daley away. Daley stalks. And Daley lands a left jab, and Shirai goes down. Back to his feet quickly, and Daley is hunting him down. More kicks from Shirai, but Daley is blocking and moving forward. Another nice jab to the chin, Shirai wobbles. Right-left combo misses for Daley, but he's backing Shirai into the fence. Back to center now, and Daley lands another jab to the kisser.  Big uppercut and left hook... it's over. Massive uppercut, missed the right, landed the left. Paul Daley def. Yuya Shirai via KO, Round 1.

Rest of the fights and play-by-play after the fold...

Catchweight (215 lbs.): James McSweeney (4-6) vs. Ricco Rodriguez (45-11):


Round 1: Ricco closes distance quickly, put McSweeney into the fence. After a brief scramble, McSweeney escapes. McSweeney trying to work from range while Ricco is trying to be fashionable making hand puppets in the air. McSweeney tags Ricco and down he goes. McSweeney won't follow into guard though, and the referee restarts. Back to action, Ricco presses McSweeney to the fence and he has a much better hold than his previous attempt. McSweeney grabs the fence to avoid the takedown. Wow, no point deduction? Wow. McSweeney grabs the fence again. Ugh.. anyways. Ricco trips up McSweeney into half guard. Ricco from top control, not looking to pass for some reason. Looks like Ricco may try to set up an arm triangle or something... and he immediately rolls to a kneebar attempt. Switches to a heel hook, and McSweeney is grimacing. And McSweeney is saved by the bell. scores the round 10-9 Ricco Rodriguez.

Round 2: McSweeney opens the round with a leg kick, followed by a kick credited to Mr. Miyagi. Ricco is basically running straight at McSweeney with his chin in the air, and McSweeney seems to be focusing on kicking legs instead. Ricco barrels through McSweeney and takes him down. Ricco works from top control in full guard, but he isn't doing a lot of damage. Ricco passes to half guard, and is working the elbow grinder, apparently trying to grate McSweeney's skin for his salad. Very ineffective. Ricco could pass to side control easily, but wants to work from half guard. More love tap elbows to the face, McSweeney surviving, but undamaged. Ricco dominates the round.. if you call that dominance. scores the round 10-9 Ricco Rodriguez.

Round 3: McSweeney glances a knee of Ricco's chin, but it doesn't land flush. Ricco backs off, then moves forward and buries McSweeney into the mat. McSweeney's takedown defense is awful. Ricco lays in guard, moving his arms over McSweeney's face like he's actually punching him. *twiddling thumbs* Three minutes have passed and Ricco is in the same position, sort of punching McSweeney. McSweeney pops up to his feet miraculously with 30 seconds left. Then he gets dumped. This is over. scores the round 10-9 Ricco Rodriguez. 

Ricco Rodriguez def. James McSweeney via unanimous decision.

Middleweight: Alex Makhonin (8-1) vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam (21-15):

Round 1: Here we go. Both guys start out firing from distance, trading kicks. Makhonin throwing front kicks, but barely missing the mark. Pokam returning leg and body kicks, neither man landing flush as their defenses are holding up. Pokam catches Makhonin with a punch, and Alex falls down. Pokam goes after him, and after a scramble -- Makhonin is on the bottom. Pokam can't hold him down and we are back to the feet again. Pokam with a body lock in the fence, two straight knees to the midsection, and they separate. Alex comes back out firing, nice straight right from Makhonin. Makhonin is now burying uppercuts to the chin, and Pokam locks up the clinch. Brief takedown by Pokam, but Makhonin springs back to his feet immediately. Few more missing uppercuts from Makhonin, and Pokam ties him up to avoid the shots. One minute left in the round. Nice body kick from Pokam, Makhonin backs to the cage grimacing. They clinch with Makhonin controlling to the fence. Trading knees, and Pokam gets taken down at the end of the round and has his back taken. Bell saves him from potential disaster. scores the round 10-9 Xavier Foupa-Pokam.

Round 2: Some initial trading of blows, but Pokam blasts a knee into Makhonin's groin to stop this fight for a moment. We're back to action. Professor X throwing a lot of kicks, Makhonin blocking most of them. Makhonin probing with a front kick, not landing. Pokam goes to the fence, heavy knees to the midsection. And... what the hell. Pokam pulls Makhonin onto him. What an idiot. Makhonin has full mount and is punishing Pokam with elbows. Pokam is leaking blood like a siv. This is bad. This is real bad. Pokam is just getting murdered. Referee stops it. Alex Makhonin def. Xavier Foupa-Pokam via TKO (4:48) in round 2.

Middleweight: Claudio Henrique da Silva (6-1) vs. Jean-Francois Lenogue (14-13):

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