Oh Yeah! Here We Go UFC 127

Not to long ago, when I saw the complete card for UFC 127.  I really wasn't impressed, but after much consideration I realized that this is actually quite the impressive card.  I mean, I'm sure there are still skeptics of what the card has to offer, but in my feeble opinion I think this card is just as impressive as UFC 126. That's right I said it! Big whoop wanna fight about it?


They are certain aspects of the card that I'm looking forward to, and for a card that at first looked weak.  Now looks like a card I can put money my on.  Here are the many things that I'm looking forward to at UFC 127.

  • Maciej Jewtuszko: Now I am sure everyone in the MMA community has seen the size of Jewtuszko's head, and it would be very easy to make as much jokes as possible about the man,(Like Jewtuszko's head is so big, he got baptized in the Pacific Ocean) but that would be foolish and most certainly childish of me. With a man who's large sized anatomical head been more of the story of his career, I can't wait to see if the Polish fighter can withstand all the"damn look at that chrome dome" chants when people have a first glance at him. ( okay last one: Jewtuszko's head is so big, he doesn't have dreams he has movies. Last one I promise.) Let's hope for a great career for Maciej Jewtuszko.
  • Zhang Tie Quan: The first Chinese born fighter to fight in the UFC is going to have quite the test facing Jason Reinhardt. I'm looking forward to this fight. To see if Quan wins will probably be the emergence of Chinese MMA,or another fighter from the east who can't handle it in the biggest MMA stage of them all. With this fight happening on Facebook, it only adds to the curiosity I have for the fighter from the Peoples Republic of China.
  • Nick Ring: The former Ultimate Fighter eleven contestant, was one of my favorite personalities on the reality show.  Sadly during the show's duration, Ring suffered a knee injury and had to recover from surgery since April 8, 2010.  That's quite a while, and hopefully getting back to his win streak might get harder for him since his last official MMA fight was all the way back in October 2009. His comeback training has gone well for him though, Ring has trained with the likes of Georges St-Pierre and Rory Macdonald up in Canada preparing for former DEEP middleweight champion Riki Fukuda. I am Going for Nick Ring on this fight, even after the long lay off. It is always a sure bet for a Japanese fighter to lose in UFC (With the exception of Yushin Okami). Sounds racist, but hey! What are you going to do about it right? 
  • Kyle Noke: Another former TUF eleven contestant. Was actually my favorite to win it all, but sadly lost to Kris McCray in the quarter finals.  One of the major factoids about Kyle Noke is that he was a former bodyguard and fight trainer to the "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin. Sadly Steve Irwin did not finish his training because he didn't learn the infamous "Stingray choke hold" from Noke. (Too soon fellow Australians?) Either way, as one of my favorite former TUF contestants I'll be rooting for Noke as he faces Chris Camozzi.
  • Chris Lytle vs Brian Ebersole: This one is my pick for "Fight of the night". Two fighters with a butt load of fight experience and known to put on an exciting match.(Lytle:52 fights,Ebersole:62 fights.) With Chris Lytle's four "Fight of the night" honors, you know this is the one to steal the show.  I'm just hoping, if it goes to all three rounds the judges won't frak up the decision to ruin the fight. But from the way these two fighters approach a fight that probably won't be a factor. With these two journeyman competing,one who is trying to be a champion and another trying to show the MMA world who he is. I really don't see anything less then one than best fights of the year and maybe a good clear finish, and with Chris Lytle's 19 submission wins and also Brian Ebersole's 20 submission wins, there could also be a submission of night for one of these fighters as well.  Let's hope for small things people.
  • George Sotiropoulos vs Dennis Siver: George Sotiropoulos's (Is it me? Or is this guys name hard to spell?) Jiu-jitsu is so sick, that it makes all ground fighting fans get a hard on just watching him compete. That's how good I think Sotiropoulos is and how creepy I am. One of my favorite aspects of MMA is the submission and ground game, and the Australian native's is one of my favorites to look at.  It's almost like watching a basic jiu'jitsu class on DVD, and it's not like the man does flashy submissions. No, he does the most basic ground work imaginable, stuff that beginners would learn but masters forget. Dennis Siver on the other hand (Or Daniel Craig's ugly little brother.) is a fighter who knows the importance of this fight.  Siver wants derail the Sotiropoulos train and make himelf one of the top contenders for the lightweight title.  Dennis Siver is even feeling confident enough to claim that he'll be the one to win with a submission. A pretty bold prediction, but we have seen stranger things. Will the Australian versus the German be a classic technical battle? Or just another Sotiropoulos win via submission. We'll have to see, and I am hyped up to see the result.  

    Michael Bisping vs Jorge Rivera: There was once a time that I thought Michael Bisping was the most overrated fighter in the UFC. Well UFC 105 changed all that.  After watching "The Count", I suddenly realized that he has improved a great deal, and now the hype could be justified. When Bisping faced Denis Kang, I saw a much more balanced fighter. A fighter who now could fluidly change his game plan on a whim and come out the victor.  After that match with Denis Kang, I pretty much was hoping for a Michael Bisping versus Anderson Silva card to happen.  A derailment happened with his fight against Wanderlei Silva.  After a exciting match that lasted all three rounds, the questionable decision went to Silva.  Bisping's hopes of a title shot was knocked out the way, but two straight wins have changed all that. With Bispings most recent matchup coming on Saturday, I only have one question.  Why Jorge Rivera? Is it because they had no one else to think of at an appointed time? Was Jorge Rivera begging for a fight in relevance? Whatever it is, this is Rivera's big marquee match up. Jorge Rivera has done one thing though to make this match up interesting, and that is to pull a Chael Sonnen. When many fans like myself wondered what the hell was up with the match making.  Rivera comes out with horrible, but humorous youtube videos. Michael Bisping seems not to be amused, as we have seen in the most recent press conference for UFC 127.  Has Rivera gone too far? Or Bisping just can't take a joke?(If Michael Bisping was making fun of Jorge Rivera's Puerto Rican ethnicity, I am sure a lot of Spanish people would have been angry and crying foul on the Brit.  I guess I should admire Bisping to not resorting back with ethnic jokes, cause one: A lot of people would be offended, and two: it would have been hilarious.)Either way, I think this will be a easy fight for Bisping, Rivera can pull out the upset, but the chances of that are really unlikely. (And that's hard for Puerto Rican as myself to say, I don't like to admit when a Englishman is better than Spaniard.) 
  • B.J. Penn vs Jon Fitch: The fight that I was very shocked to be booked, but none the less excited about.  The "Hawaiian prodigy" versus "The Grinder".(The Grinder sounds very homo erotic to me, but this is coming from a man who just wrote in his fan post that Sotiropulos gives him a hard on. So I will stop judging what's gay and what's not) The match is probably going to be a bore fest.I'm not saying that as a bad thing as well, but if your watching the fight with buddies who only watch MMA on occasion. Prepare for some "What the hell is he doing?'' Or "Are they fighting or just wrestling" and the all time favorite " What's with all this ground s@#$. I wanna see people stand up and bang." ( Not going to mention the homo eroticism on that one). The hardcore fan on the other hand will watch the fight in a different light.  This fight can go either way.  Even if the fans believe that Jon Fitch is going to win, Penn has a habit of proving "know it all" fans wrong.  So the fight might have it's low moments, but as true fans know, that's what happens when you get two superior athletes in the octagon. Both fighters are not the type to be dominated, they are the kind of athletes that will get there moment in the fight to shine, win or lose.  In the end I hope that we get a fight that's worth talking about Sunday. 

"I fire back once and this contaminated little maggot can't handle my power and can't handle the truth. I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon. Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words -- imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists.- Charlie Sheen

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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