MFC 28: Supremacy Live Results & Commentary

via works hard to bring our readers the best mixed martial arts coverage available and tonight we go to the "Great White North" for MFC 28 Supremacy. The main event on the card features a battle between countrymen as Ryan "The Big Deal" Jimmo takes on Dwayne "D-Bomb" Lewis. In addition to the matchup between the country's two top light heavyweights the card will also see action from former UFC veterans as Drew Fickett faces Matt Veach, who stepped in as a last minute replacement for Antonio McKee.

The action kicks off at 10:00 PM EST and will air live on HDNet so make sure you join us for live coverage and commentary.

Here we go!!!! "The Voice" and Frank Trigg warming it up and me...Duane Finley here for my inaugural voyage on live commentary.

Quick results; full liveblog after the jump:
Ryan Jimmo def. Dwayne Lewis via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) R3 3:13
Drew Fickett def.Matt Veach via Submission (Armbar) R1 0:36
Richie Whitson def.Curtis Demarce via Decision (Split) R3 5:00
Thomas Denny def.Sheldon Westcott via Draw 3 5:00
Emanuel Newton def.Rodney Wallace via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) R2 4:34
Tyrone Glover def. Robert Washington via Decision (Split) R3 5:00

SBN coverage of MFC 28: Supremacy

Ryan Jimmo (13-1) vs. Dwayne Lewis (13-6)

1st Round: Lewis lands a leg kick to start the fight and Jimmo circles. Jimmo lands a kick to the mid-section and returns with another. Lewis throws a double jab and a straight shot that lands. Jimmo lands two hard leg kicks and Lewis is looking for his shot. Lewis fires three jabs and is hunting Jimmo down but doesn't unload the right.Lewis is attempting to cut the ring down but Jimmo keeps him at bay with leg kicks. 30 seconds left to go at the first and Jimmo lands a hard kick to the mid-section. Lewis finally fires the overahnd right and as it lands Jimmo locks him up in the clinch as the round ends. Alot of posturing in the first round and Bloody Elbow gives it to Jimmo 10-9.

2nd Round: The second round oepns up and Lewis lands a high kick. Jimmo lands another body kick and Lewis storms across the ring throwing bombs that catch nothing but air but has Jimmo on the run. Another leg kick lands as Lewis attempts to counter. Lewis lands a counter right hand and Jimmo stumbles but looks solid. Jimmo continues to put the body kick on Lewis and keeps his distance from the dangerous right hand. Jimmo postures and Lewis swarms with punches and catches Jimmo flush with two right hands. The crowd starts to chant for Lewis as he blocks a head kick. The final 10 seconds of the round and Lewis throws one final haymaker that whiffs to end the round. It was a tough round but Bloody Elbow going to give Lewis the round 10-9.

3rd Round: Here we go on the final frame and Jimmo starts off with another leg kick. Both fighters collide in the middle of the ring and Jimmo works Lewis across the cage and gets the takedown. As soon as they hit the canvas Jimmo takes full mount and unloads a barrage of shots on Lewis. Jimmo takes Lewis's back as he rolls over and Lewis fights free. Lewis's has a gruesome gash under his eye and Lewis loses his grip and Jimmo takes his back. The referee calls a stop to the fight to have the ringside doc take a look at the huge hematoma under Lewis's eye and there is no question as the doctor stops the fight. Lewis's eye looks horrendous as Jimmo celebrates the win.

Ryan Jimmo def. Dwayne Lewis via TKO (doctor stoppage) 1:13 to become the new MFC Light Heavyweight Champion

Drew Fickett (40-13) vs. Matt Veach (15-2)

1st Round: Drew Fickett immediately proves himself to be weird before the fight begins and as they touch gloves Veach comes out firing. He lands an early takedown and Fickett immediately grabs onto his wrist. Veach attempts to get his arm free but Fickett slips his leg across Veach's face and shifts to the side. Veach is in trouble and Fickett pulls the arm out and secures the submission 36 seconds into the fight.

Drew Fickett def. Matt Veach by submission (armbar) 0:36

Richie Whitson (10-1) vs. Curtis DeMarche (10-7)

1st Round: Before the fight even starts DeMarce already scores points for an amazing hair style. DeMarce lands a body shot and Whitson stings him with the counter. They throw again and both land but Whitson locks in a Muay Thai plum and lands a big knee on DeMarce. He returns fire and opens a gash above Whitson's left eye. DeMarce lands two right hands and Whitson smokes him with a left. Two minutes in and this is the most action we've seen. Demarce snaps Whitson's head back with a hard jab. Whitson is throwing two punches everytime he throws and lands a head kick with Demarce in the corner. Now they are locked in the corner clinch and Whitson shoots an strong uppercut. DeMarce with another jab and catches Whitson with a left hook that buckles the TUF alum. Whitson seems to be okay and continues to press forward as he lands knees. Inside leg kick lands by Whitson to end the round but DeMarce got the better of the exchanges and takes the first round 10-9.

2nd Round: DeMarche throws a three punch combo to open up the action in the second and Whitson's face looks like burger. Strong leg kick from Whitson and a right hand counter from DeMarce. A left hook to the body lands for DeMarce and Whitson lands an uppercut to push DeMarce into the corner. Whitson lands a strong knee in the clinch and as he throws a left low kick he catches DeMarce below the belt. DeMarce doubles over and before the referee can step in Whitson cranks a hard left hand on an unsuspecting DeMarce. After taking a moment and a Trigg Harry Pottery reference the action gets back under way and DeMarce gets the better of an exchange with an overhand right. Whitson fires a left hand that finds a home as he continues to apply the pressure. A left hook from Whitson connects and stumbles DeMarce backwards and after the first takedown attempt failed Demarce was able to secure on the second try. After DeMarce slides off of Whitson's back the referee calls time to have Whitson's eye looked at. The action resumes and with one minute remaining to go Whitson lands a thunderous right head kick that echoed through the arena. Whitson grabs onto the body lock and drags DeMarce to the ground to end the round. Bloody Elbow gives Whitson the round 10-9 as he battles back strong.

3rd Round: The final frame begins and it's anyone's fight. Whitson's leg kick is caught but he puts a left hand on DeMarce for good measure. Another head kick partially lands and as DeMarce holds onto the leg he lands a right hand counter. The fighters go into the clinch and while Whitson lands knees DeMarce scores with uppercuts. The action goes to the ropes as Whitson secures the body lock and gets the takedown. Whitson works from the top and is looking to land elbows as he attempts to pass. DeMarce pushes him back to full guard and Whitson continues to work. The fight is turning into a bloody mess as Whitson bunches DeMarce into the corner and continues to work. Whitson lands punches from the back and swings around to get DeMarce's back. DeMarce throws a back elbow just as Whitson ducks under and takes DeMarce to the canvas once again. At the 30 second mark Whitson sticks a huge left hand in that catches DeMarce flush. The final 10 seconds are a blood bath finish as both fighters are throwing everything they can. It was a close fight and definitely thus far the fight of the night winner. Trigg may have it differently but Bloody Elbow gives Whitson the third round 10-9 as the fight goes to the judge's cards.

Another fight goes to split-decision and Whitson is awarded the victory (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) in an excellent fight.

 Thomas Denny (27-18) vs. Sheldon Westcott (4-1)

1st Round: Westcott wastes zero time taking Denny down and starts pounding him with elbows. Denny ties up Westcott's wrist but can't hold on long as Westcott pushes Denny into the corner and continues to pound away. Denny continues to look for a way out but he is doubled up on the bottom as Westcott lands knees and elbows. Denny manages to get back to his feet for a moment but Westcott scoops up his left leg and slams him back down to the canvas. Westcott works to mount but Denny slips out and scrambles to his feet. He scurries to make space but Westcott isn't giving him any space as he hunts him down and takes the fight back to the canvas. Westcott latches onto a guillotine choke and rolls over with the neck crank. Denny somehow manages to hang on and survives the round. Bloody Elbow gives Westcott the first round 10-9.

2nd Round: Denny throws the first punch of the round but Westcott lands a straight right and Denny flies back and hits the dirt. Westcott immediately follows him to the canvas and pressures Denny into the corner. The fight pops back to the feet and Denny grabs Westcott's neck and drops down to the canvas. Westcott pulls Denny back to his feet and puts him into the corner. Denny is cut and Westcott once again latches onto Denny's neck and take the action to the mat for the choke. Denny once again survives and pulls a rapid reversal as Denny goes for the rear naked choke. With the hooks in Denny has Westcott's back and with a minute to go the crowd is cheering for Westcott to hold on. Westcott powers out of the hold and reverses into top position. Denny grabs onto the guillotine with the seconds ticking away and the round ends.Denny fought tough but with the knockdown Bloody Elbow gives Westcott the round 10-9.

3rd Round: The final frame starts and Denny secures the takedown and immediately gets Westcott's back. He wraps his legs around and locks in a body triangle as he peppers Westcott with shots. Westcott doesn't seem to have an answer as Denny continues to score from the back mount. Westcott remains patient despite the bad position and with 30 seconds remaining it looks like Westcott is going to hold on. Denny continues to work and Westcott cannot escape the body lock. The bell rings and the fight ends with Denny being on Westcott's back the entire round. Bloody Elbow gives Denny the final frame 10-9. With the first two rounds going to Westcott but Denny dominated the third so now the judges will decide.

The judges call the fight a draw and the third round was enough to get the fight back to even for Denny.

Emanuel Newton (13-6-1) vs. Rodney Wallace (10-3)

1st Round: Newton throws a high kick that gets blocked by "Shonuff" and Wallace immediately shoots in and secures the takedown. The action hits the mat for a second and Wallace takes Newton's back. After working for a choke he abandons the hold for an arm and Newton flips over into guard and ends up in a triangle. Newton picks up Wallace for the power slam but doesn't get full impact because Wallace gets and arm down. The action moves into the corner and Newton lands two big shots on Wallace. Newton pulls his leg out and turns back and lands a right hand bomb on Wallace. The crowd shows their approval and Newton sets into some solid ground and pound. He continues to land strong shots from the guard and then stand up and drops back down with another thunderous right hand. One minute to go and Newton is putting elbows and punches on Wallace who looks comfortable on his back despite the damage. The round ends with Newton throwing punches from the top and Bloody Elbow gives the round to Newton 10-9.

2nd Round: Wallace comes out with the first bit of offense but the fighters lock up in the clinch and go into the ropes. Newton uses the trip and flips Wallace to the ground but can't keep him there as they return to the feet as quick as they went down. Wallace lands a stiff right hand and Newton grabs on for the clinch. Newton lands a smacking right hand and Wallace fires off three to counter but misses on all attempts. Newton misses with overhand right and Wallace grabs on for the single but Newton overpowers Wallace and secures another takedown. Wallace once again is fighting from his back and eats another haymaker as Newton drops in for the score. Wallace seems stunned and Newton dives back into guard. Wallace attempts to turn and Newton scurries to the back and locks in the rear naked choke. Wallace doesn't last long and taps with 28 seconds left to go in the round.

Emanuel Newton def. Rodney Wallace via submission (RNC) 4:34

Tyrone Glover (5-0) vs. Robert Washington (9-1)

1st Round: The fight gets under way and Washington looks to pressure but Glover throws a low kick and has his takedown stuffed. Washington throws a lowkick of his own but Glover catches the kick and lands a takedown. Washington gets back to his feet and takes the clinch to the ropes. Glover lands a lead left hook and latches onto a single. After a bit of posturing Glover secures the takedown and spins into a heelhook. Washington works out works free but Glover takes him to the ground again and works into top control. Glover works from the half guard and moves to side control with 20 seconds left to go. Glover rides out the rest of the first round from the top. Bloody Elbow scores the first round Glover 10-9.

2nd round: 2nd Round: The second round starts out slow until both men throw straight rights that land. Glover lands a hard outside leg kick and comes over the top with a right hand. Washington counters with a strong shot that also lands and the fighters continue to circle. A body kick from Glover smacks off of Washington's ribs and the impact backs him up a step. Washington lands a hard leg kick and the action is a bit slow for the crowd's liking. Washington lands another leg kick and when Glover returns with a body kick it is caught by Washington who snaps a leg sweep and takes Glover down. Washington follows him to the ground and Glover immediately catches him in a triangle. A minute left to go in the round and Glover has Washington in a triangle but can't keep it tight. Glover throws elbows from the bottom and Washington simply looks to survive. In a slow round of action Bloody Elbow scores the 2nd round 10-9 Glover.

3rd Round: The final frame starts out and Washington is down two rounds but still looks hesitant. Washington lands a stiff jab as Glover continues to circle. Washington lands a hard body kick but Glover catches the attempt and shoots for the double. Washington scrambles and works himself free. Glover lands a jab and then a right hand that grazes Washington's chin as we cross the midway point of the final round. Glover shuffles around and Washington is showing zero urgency in this fight. With one minute remaining Washington continues to back up as Glover lands a vicious leg kick on Washington's upper thigh. A stiff jab by Glover pops Washington's head back and at the 10 second mark Washington shoots in for a double and secures a takedown at the bell. A lackluster round of action but Bloody Elbow gives Washington the round because the takedown was the only significant action.

Tyrone Glover def. Rober Washington via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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