Alistair Overeem hints at the UFC - Says he'd like to fight Cain and Brock. Also, strong words for M1

Full interview: DreamFighters talks with Alistair Overeem

7: Do you think he has enough good sparring partners, or is he too comfortable training with the same people his whole career?

He never changed anything because he was always successful but if you look close at his recent fights you could see that the M.M.A. game was catching up. When he had difficulties against Arlovski in the fight he should know that he has to change his training camp but he didn’t. Even after his lose against Werdum he didn’t want to change anything. I don’t know if that’s the reason why he lost his last fight against Silva but it looks like a pattern to me.

8: Do you think Fedor would benefit comming and training at Golden Glory?

I don’t know if his striking is something he needs to work on but every fighter benefits when they come to train at Golden Glory. But we are a close group so we don’t have fighters that come to train and then leave.

9: At the Grand Prix did you and Fedor ever speak? We got a picture of you and Fedor sitting together, smiling at each other. Any words exchanged?

We don’t speak but we have respect for each other, so we shake hands a give each other a smile.

10: What are your thoughts on M1 trying to get more drug testing done again, and their strange negociations with strikeforce?

I have said it many times, M-1 is doing everything to get attention and they know they only get media attention if they say stupid things so they will demand crazy things to get there voice out there. I’ve always said that I will do my test like every other fighter. I honestly believe that Fedor lost the fight because of ‘bad’ karma. I’ve heard stories what M-1 did to their own staff and what they are demanding. They used Fedor to get what they want. What goes around comes around and that’s Fedor losing. I seriously like Fedor and I had mixed feelings when he lost. On the one hand I wanted to see Fedor in the semi finals but on the other hand I’m happy so M-1 is not co-promoting any event where I will be fighting in.

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