UFC 127 Pre-Fight Press Conference Video

Leading into UFC 127 we'll have live coverage of the press conference from Sydney Australia, including streaming video from Star City Casino in Sydney Australia with Dana White, headliners B.J. Penn and Jon Fitch, co-headliners Jorge Rivera and Michael Bisping, and George Sotiropoulos and Dennis Siver.

Join us at at 7:00 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT) and share your thoughts as the press conference unfolds.

[UPDATES] - via @Mike_Fagan_13
B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch:
- B.J. Penn donating part of his purse to the Aussie relief fund.
- Fitch doesn't think having AKA (Penn's former team) isn't that big of an advantage.
- Fitch: Now that I've built up my skill set, I feel more comfortable opening up as a person. Long-term planning.
- Penn: Right now I'm around 165. I'll probably drink 4 pounds of water to make Fitch think I'm bigger than I am. I could see myself fighting at lightweight again. I walk around at 165; it's not a big cut.
- Fitch: No pressure to be exciting. Number one rule - everyone loves a winner. If you lose, you're out. Progress is slow, but I'm gaining fans with every fight.
- Fitch: I'm not thinking about a title shot, just about fighting B.J. I've been avoiding the Internet and magazines. Been living in a cave.
- Fitch: 'If I kill him, I get his power. If I beat Penn, I'm going to take all of his wins in my back pocket.' Penn says that won't happen.
Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera:
- Bisping: I'm a professional fighter. I'm not wasting time making up rhymes. Tells Jorge that this is a press conference, knows it's his 1st. Bisping says he's going to send Rivera back down to the prelims. I'm going to do jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing...Rivera doesn't know half of it.
- Rivera says he looks forward to it, Bisping says he is too.
- Bisping asks if Rivera has his script in front of him.
- Bisping: Look at Rivera's last video. That's something my 9-year old would do. I hope for them that it wasn't scripted.
- Bisping talking to Rivera at the standoff. Pointing at him. They break and he's still jawing.


HT: UFC.com

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