The next Hollywood MMA flick: 'Warrior'


The synopsis for the story is a marine(Tom Hardy) returns home to Pittsburgh, where for some reason he begins to train for mixed martial arts under the tutelage of his former boxing alcoholic father(Nick Nolte) and it eventually sets him on a collision course with his older brother(Joel Edgerton).

I've only found out about this movie today, so I am not sure how many people have heard of it, I never saw "Never Back Down" because I figured it would just make me sad and or angry.

I am hoping this could turn out to be the movie that finally puts the Hollywood spotlight on MMA, with a fairly strong cast and an interesting cast of combat sport related cameos, and a $30 million dollar budget, I am intrigued.

More information on the release and casting after the jump.

With an impressive cast, consisting of Tom Hardy(from Inception, also Bane in the next Batman), Nick Nolte (yeah that Nick Nolte), Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Cameron from House). And a few others I am not as familiar with, full cast and crew here.

Then we get into the combat sports related characters:

Kurt Angle, as well as Roan Carneiro, Yves Edwards, Dan Caldwell (Punkass), Sam Sheridan (author of A Fighter's Heart), Nathan Marquardt, Anthony Johnson, Josh Rosenthal.

The movie is said to be 'completed'. But it is not being released until September 9th 2011.

Anyone see a screener for this or have any other information? I am hoping this is going to be good, but I have my reservations, essentially on the basic sounding storyline and Nick Nolte's involvement.

There are a few other MMA related films coming out in the future(The Hurricane Kid, Mortal Kombat, Draw the Line), but this is the next one, anyone else looking forward to this?

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