Anderson Silva vs. GSP: Let's Not Get Our Hopes Up...

Alright - I think I'm more than ready to move away from the 'Fedor Controversy'. Enter GSP vs. Anderson Silva. There's been a lot of talk about this fight around internet land, and even Dana White has been taking questions on it. Surprising. When a reporter brings up anything about future match-ups, Dana usually dodges the question by making the questioner feel like a First Grader at the Bar Exams.

But is this fight really going to happen? According to GSP, it 'aint at the top of the list.

Let's keep in mind that this fight has been made up in the minds of 'couch-matchmakers' and bloggers. We have heard next to nothing from the fighters themselves. Granted, Silva was probably a bit pre-occupied practicing his front kicks on a life-size poster of Vitor Belfort. And St. Pierre is still preparing for Jake Shields, probably throwing darts at the picture of Shields in his Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. Still, let's keep our eye on the ball here and admit to ourselves that the only talk about this fight is coming from us internet trolls, and a few one-liners from Dana White.

When asked about the match-up, White had this to say:

Georges St-Pierre said he would move to 185 (to fight Silva) and stay at that weight and not go back to 170... Should (they) win (their next) fights, that fight will probably happen this year.

I'm guessing White took that GSP quote from the UFC 124 post-fight press conference. What exactly did St. Pierre say? Listen for yourself (start at 2:40).

So, he was asked about his weight, and he made that statement that if he puts on weight to move up, he'll keep that weight on and not fluctuate between classes. Fair enough. That had nothing to do with Anderson Silva. As far as the fight, he said "Alot of people have asked me that question... we'll see." Hardly convincing, friends.

Both fighters are at the pinnacle of their careers and their weight classes. They have moped the floor with everybody in their respective divisions. GSP has not lost since 2007. Silva hasn't lost since 2006. Would a fight between these two "pound for pound best fighter in the world" title contenders be one of the biggest super-fights in UFC history? Absolutely. Would I love to see it? Absolutely (Mostly because I hate Anderson Silva and would love to see GSP mount Silva for 5 rounds, tear another 'Ab.Duc.TOR', and coast to victory). So I would join the thousands and possibly millions of people in jubilation at the announcement of a Super Fight of this caliber.

Just sayin', though. Based on his post-Koscheck conference, we should probably wait and see what George St. Pierre does at UFC 129 before we start putting him across from Silva at UFC 131.

Alright - BloodyElbow'ers. Give me a piece of your mind. Is this fight going to happen in 2011, or should we wait for 2012. Hey - maybe the end of the world will happen in 2012 when these two meet in the cage. Those Mayans probably saw this coming.

Also, if you get a chance, check out this original article on its website: BJJ in MMA. Pretty cool stuff.

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