just a thought on dana white


alright guys im just gonna start by saying im lit right now.  yeah im a college kid, i read bloodyelbow all day during and in between classes, and sometimes i like to hit a bong when im done with homework.  i hope i dont get banned for some drug reference or some shit, i dont know all the rules or whatever.  ive only got one warning so far.  anyway, this was a thought i had a few minutes ago

honestly, i dont like how dana white unabashedly overjoys himself at the death of other mma promotions.  i feel without a doubt that truckermouth baldy wants the ufc to be the end all be all of mixed marshal arts.  (yeah i know its spelled martial, i just think it looks funny spelled that way.)  he wants the ufc to be like the nfl is to football and the nba is to basketball.  and nothing will stand in his way.  he might even try conquer the world.  and not just the mma world, like the real world.  imagine, dana fucking white, dictator of the world.  new rule #1: you must acknowledge that anderson silva is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

so dana white is a ruthless, money-hungry crook who wants to take over professional mma in north america so he can wipe his ass with fresh twenties.  that kind of makes me not like him.


dana white also claims something that i'm not sure i believe: he says he's a fight fan first and foremost, always.  hmm, mr. cool hwite, why did you push so hard against silva-st pierre for so long.  whatever, doesnt matter now.  but the what if he was being both

i think most mma fans would be pleased if all the best fighters in the world in each weight class could fight eachother without contract rules or anything.  since copromotion will never happen, that would all have to be under one banner, surely the ufc name.  trying to reap in more money and appeal to a wider audience gives him the money to support more fighters' contracts and be able to hire the best talent, now with the help of a hefty financial incentive.  the new assimilation of the wec into the ufc makes it especially difficult to keep as many fighters on its roster per weight class.

dana (lol girls name) white (lol color name) is a greedy businessman in my opinion.  not a bad person by any means, but selfish and kind of a professional dick.  but could he be really helping out mma as a whole through his self-serving ways?

well thats about it i guess.  here's a slightly related poll because i like polls.

legalize mma in new york and a plant that grows in the ground nationwide

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