GSP Should Fight Jon Fitch After He Beats Down Jake Shields

Georges St-Pierre will fight Jake Shields on April 30 in Toronto.  All reasonable people believe that GSP won’t be challenged.  As Chael Sonnen might say, the fight will be an entirely one-sided pounding, with GSP swinging the hammer.

So what’s next for GSP after the Shields fight?  If you ask GSP, he’d probably say he’s not looking past Shields, and it’s up to the UFC to decide who his next opponent is.  But even if GSP won’t speculate, fans certainly can.

We know what the fans want.  They want what could be the biggest fight in MMA history: GSP versus Anderson Silva.  These two are widely regarding as two of the best fighters in the world in their respective divisions, and GSP has said he's willing to move from welterweight up to middleweight to fight Silva.  

Dana White, president of the UFC, is apparently listening to the fans and has recently signaled that he's willing to make that fight happen—and for good reason.  Out of every matchup the UFC can make with its current roster, this fight could be the UFC's most lucrative.

But before GSP moves up to fight Silva, he should take one more fight in the welterweight division.  And that fight should be against Jon Fitch.  

Now, I know what you're thinking.  GSP shellacked Fitch in their first fight.  Fitch is boring as hell. In fact, I might be the only one who wants to see that fight.  Give me a minute to explain why.

First, Fitch deserves this fight.  He's been No. 2 in the division for a long time and has won five in a row (all via decision) since losing to GSP in August 2008.  That was over two years ago, and Fitch is a much-improved fighter.

Second, the fight will be entertaining.  Fitch himself may not be entertaining, but GSP always is when he fights wrestlers (see the first Fitch fight, last two Hughes fights and the recent Koscheck fight). Fitch is a wrestler, and it would be fun to watch GSP pick him apart.

And third, according to GSP, he's fighting for a legacy.  Presumably that legacy is being the best fighter ever.  But before GSP can prove he's the best in the world, regardless of weight class, he first has to show that he's the best welterweight ever.  And until GSP beats Fitch again, he can't do that.

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