Fantasy HW Grand Prix... Round 1, Fight 6 (Dos Santos vs. Rogers)

After almost a week of voting, this past fight really came down to the wire.  Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva edges out Frank Mir, earning 51% of the votes, most by way of TKO/KO.

  • This previous fight shows how close the voting can be when the two fighters are so close in rankings, and it also is the first time that a fighter (Mir) ranked better in the SBNation Consensus rankings has been eliminated by a lesser ranked opponent

The revised brackets are as follows:

(the Numbers in front of the name are the promotional rankings, and the number in the parenthesis are the USA TODAY / SB Nation Consensus MMA Rankings)

Bracket 1:

Bracket 2:

Bracket 3:

Bracket 4: 

What I will do (if anyone has read this far along) I put up a new poll every couple of day, until we have the official #1 Heavyweight crowned.

Time for the voting

Fight #6:

  • UFC #3 Junior Dos Santos (#5) vs. Strikeforce #6 Brett Rogers (#12)
  • Pro's for Dos Santos:

    • Stand-up. Dos Santos comes into this fight on a 7 fight win streak.  Of his 12 wins, 9 have been won by way of his fists (Either TKO/KO/Submission to strikes).  So its no surprise to see that "Cigano" will have the stand-up advantage over almost everyone (besides the reigning K1 HW champion). Dos Santo's has some of the best boxing in the division, and, fighting against a fighter in Brett Rogers who's standup is more of a success due to his strength, rather then technique, Dos Santo's shouldn't have many Problems.  
    • Grappling.  While we have yet to see it, the fact that Dos Santos is Brown belt in BJJ under the Nog brothers almost guarantees that he won't have a problem with Rogers, who won't have nearly the type of experience training with such high level grapplers as Cigano does at Black House.  That said, we still don't really know what Dos Santos has to offer.  Does he have the ability to sub a guy like Rogers?  Probably.  But at the very least, he should be able to stay out of danger while on the ground. 
    • Experience with other (better) Strikers:  Brett Rogers game is pretty simple.  He's good in the clinch, because he's monstrous.  And he has really heavy hands.  But that's about all he brings.  Dos Santos has beaten fighters that arguably have better striking that what Rogers can offer (even if a few of them were past their prime).  Gilbert Yvel, Crocop, and Gabriel Gonzaga (maybe) have all more technical stand-up, and Dos Santos was never, ever, in trouble with any of the aforementioned fighters.

    Pro's for Rogers:

    • Power/Size. Maybe I am underestimating Brett Rogers.  But this is about the only thing he has going for him.  He coming off of 2 losses to two of the best HW's in the world, and a very unconvincing win over "Warpath" Rubin Villareal.  His whole game is focused around standing up and out striking his opponents, and I just don't see that happening against Dos Santos.  But what he does have going for him is very heavy hands and a very heavy body.  If he is able to wade through Dos Santos punches, and put him against the cage, there is a chance he can wear Dos Santos out.  And with his heavy hands, there is always a chance that he can connect with any punch and KO his opponent, so you never know...

    With that, another fight will be in the books.  Will it be the potential #1 contender for the UFC HW Championship? Or will it be the team Bison fighter to come out on top?

    \The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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