Antonio Silva on Fedor Emelianenko: "His Game Has Not Changed During These Last Years"

Bigfootprofile_mediumThis FanPost Was Edited and Promoted to the Front Page by Anton Tabuena -- Interview from Tatame was translated by Orcus.

Antonio "Big Foot" Silva talks about his bout against Fedor Emelianenko:

"Man, Fedor is the type of fighter that, in the last seven or eight years has not changed much. He’s a technical fighter, explosive on the feet, has both hands very fast and strong, he has ground and pound, when he’s on top he’s very strong… But his game has not changed during these last years. If you watch all of his fights, he’ll pretty much end them the same way. Now he’s got his own camp with Ernest Hoost, but I’m sure that when the time comes, he’ll go back to his game, he won’t change. He’ll come more careful because he’s coming from a loss, he won’t expose himself much, after all its two heavyweights, the first punch that connects could decide [the fight]. He’s coming trying to stay relevant and I’m trying to stay inside the top 10. Who will win with this are the fans, because it’ll be two monsters inside the cage trying to kill themselves."


On the semi-finals:

First, I’m Brazilian ‘till I die. If there’s a Brazilian fighting a foreigner, regardless if I know that the foreigner is the favorite, I’ll be Brazilian because the blood that runs through my veins is Brazilian and I will never root against my nation. I think Werdum has all the tools to win against Overeem, who’s a guy that grew a lot with muscle mass, has a lot of physical explosion, is very good on the feet, won the k1… He’s dangerous on the feet, but Werdum is very experienced and is well seasoned and I’m sure Overeem will not be able to keep up, with all that muscle, three rounds? No way. On top of that, Overeem’s ground is far from being equal to Werdum’s, even though it might be a long road to get to the ground since the fight starts standing, but I think it’ll be Werdum.

I hope Brett Rogers wins. I know Barnett is more technical, he’s the favorite for this fight, but I'm rooting for Brett Rogers, he’s a cool guy, humble, he has his fans, he talks with everyone which is the opposite of Barnett. I wish Arlovski would go back to winning fights. I know it won’t be an easy fight for Kharitonov, its two strikers, it’ll be a great fight, but I really wish he’d go back to shine between the heavyweights, since he’s a guy that was champion in the UFC, he’s technical, very good, so I’ll be rooting for Arlovski.


On who he’d like to fight next if he passes through Fedor, Overeem or Werdum?

As I’ve stated before, I’m rooting for Werdum, I want a Brazilian to win. If we have to fight, it will be for the bread of our kids, it will be professional. I respect Werdum a lot for the person he is, when we meet we’ll go out for lunch, for dinner, we have trained together and we have no rivalry. Master Rafael Cordeiro is a great person, I admire him a lot. If, for some reason we have to fight, it will be for the good of MMA, it will be for the fans, there will be no rivalry. The good thing is that there would be a Brazilian in the final. I hope he wins, if we get to fight, it will be for the good of the fans, the children. Let’s go, let’s fight, and let’s go to dinner afterwards… We’re professionals, as in football, volleyball, it’s a sport.

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