Strikeforce Challengers 14 Headliner Pat Healy Sounds Off On Former Manager

Strikeforce Challengers 14 headliner Pat Healy sounded off on former manager Anthony Hamlett during Thursday's live edition of Bloody Elbow Radio Presented by Bad Boy.

The reason? It has to do with Hamlett going to train with Healy's opponent in tonight's main event, Lyle Beerbohm. Healy wasn't angry that Hamlett was training with Beerbohm, as those things happen in MMA, but he is angry because Hamlett started bragging about it on an online forum.

"I take it quite personally that that guy actually went out and trained with Lyle Beerbohm for this fight and then had the nerve to get on the Underground Forum and brag about it," Healy said. "I take that very personally, it really upsets me and it's helped a lot to fuel me for training in this fight."

Healy said he's not going to have any trouble channeling his emotions when the fight starts. Seeing Hamlett, though, might be a different story.

"I'm not really an emotional guy," Healy said. "I'm more upset at (Hamlett) and I'll be more upset when I see him around. I've been in this game a long time and I won't let my emotions get the best of me when I'm in there.

"It's going to be really hard for me not to punch what few teeth he's got left down his throat. I've really worked hard in my life to turn the other cheek and do the right thing, so that'll be a true test if I can handle it."

The situation perplexes Healy more than anything else as, at one point, he and Hamlett were close. Now that relationship, both business and personal, is completely fragmented.

"I helped that guy out a lot," Healy said. "I used to struggle money-wise and I'd get these fight purses and he'd ask to borrow money and I'd let him borrow money all the time and stuff like that, so I have no idea why he'd do (this). He's always acting friendly to me, even up until this fight. I really don't know. I can't understand it. If he wanted to go train with him, fine, but don't get on forums and start bragging about it and talking about it."

Healy has one of the biggest opportunities of his career against Beerbohm tonight in Cedar Park, Texas. He's main eventing against an undefeated (15-0) prospect who also is looking to make the jump to the next level.

"This is the biggest point in my career," Healy said. "The fight with Josh (Thomson), nobody expected me to win, so I went out there and it was kind of a win-win for me. Do good and people would notice me. Win the fight and they'd really be talking about me. I feel like I've put in the time, I've done the right things. I've trained really smart the months leading up to this fight and they say in life that most big breakthroughs are right after a close failure. I think this is the one for me. I'm really confident in this one going in. I really feel like this is the one that's going to break it."

With this being the main event and a lot riding on it, Healy is confident in his ability to handle the pressure that comes with it.

"I've had a lot of big fights before and I think that's prepared me," he said.

"I've been in a lot of different situations in the cage, been in a lot of bad spots and a lot of good spots. It gives you a level-head and lets me know I have to calm in all situations, good or bad, and the tide can change at any moment."

Healy has been around forever, this being his 40th professional fight, but Beerbohm is going to be main eventing a large show for the first time in his career. In Healy's mind, the pressure is mounting on Beerbohm.

"I see him around and I think he's feeling the pressure a little bit," Healy said. "I know what he's going to do. Everybody knows what he's going to do. He's going to come out and shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot again. I hope he's trained very hard for this fight and comes in at 100 percent and makes it a good fight for the crowd."

SBN coverage of Strikeforce Challengers 14: Beerbohm vs. Healy

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